Mint Green and Gold wedding

27 Sept 2010

how was your weekend? mine was filled with work and trembly legs.

i had a job to do the makeup for a bridal train of 6 ladies, the chief bride's maid, the bride's mother and the bride. u can imagine how that went (and Saturday was environmental sanitation so i had to wake up by 5 and get there before 7) i started with the bridesmaids - all 6 of them (the bride was saying, "Barbara, just a touch of foundation, a swish of colour on their lids and some gloss on their lips will be ok". of course, i wsnt going to do that and to think that the bride had spent the last month asking me if the makeup would last all day cos she had been bridesmaid at a wedding where the makeup didnt last till the end of the church service. i wasnt going to have that said of me and my work so i didnt oblige her. i did a makeover on all of them using a trio palette of teal greens from L'oreal, a dark gold from one of the Orekelewa trios and the brown colour in the Ovialeke Orekelewa trio, and here they are or at least some of them, i was so tired i totally neglected to get pics of all of them.

the main photographer was kind enough to take the pix of all of them for me.
now here is the chief bridesmaid, the sister to the bride

and here is the bride,
oh, i forget, i used the Omoge trio for the chief bridesmaid, the purple in Ovialeke and a light gold from the Lewii trio (looks more like an orange colour for her highlights). it is the same gold i used for all the bridesmaids' highlights. i also used a brown Jordana swivel liner for all their brows with a light touch of the Bobbi brown mahogany eye shadow to set the pencil on their brows. this was wonderful considering that they were all of different complexions. for their lips, i used a light pink Jordana pencil to line, a ligh pink lipstick from L'oreal and over that a pinkish gold gloss from orekelewa. For their cheeks, a pink blush from Orekelewa.

and here is the bride, i tried to incorporate all the colours on her eyes so there is a bit of the teal green, the pink and gold in the Omoge trio and then for her crease i used the brown in the Ovialeke trio and for her highlight, i used the gold in the Ovialeke too. her brows are done the same way as the others. for her cheeks, i used a matte red from Orekelewa to contour and a light pink from orekelewa and then a peach from Black Opal. i used wine Orekelewa lip pencil to line her lips and then a red lipstick over which i used the same gloss i used for the others.

and that is all for now Bellas.
Oops, here are pics of the traditional wedding makeup though. done with mostly Sleek products

thats all girls.

Ciao for now!

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  1. Barbie, this is really cool, congrats.

    I think it's pro of you to combine all those colours/stuff for abt 8 models on a saturday morning and the bride still got to church on time! Honestly, I'm proud of you, Kudos mate.

    lovely blog setting, keep it up.


  2. thank you plenty.
    my brain had to work full time


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