#28daysofred | Day 7 - Taken, But Not by Force

7 Feb 2019 Lagos, Nigeria

Feeling free, fly and letting my hair loose.
It's very easy to assume that an afro is easy to keep, afterall what is it? Is it not just to leave the hair and let it be? Not as easy as that. The hair tangles, it becomes dry, it becomes hard to comb and then there is the tendency for a lot of breakage.
Abandoning all that to the wind, I left my hair out, tucked one side in with hairpins and voila, a styled afro. Since I dared the dangerous path of rocking a fro, I figured it was about time I finally whipped out a matte lip gloss and seeing as I've been looking for the perfect time to wear the Blot Cosmetics Matte Lip Gloss in Taken properly, I decided to wear it.

I've always known this product was super pigmented but boy I was not ready for how strong this product & shade it even though I tried to tone it down with a brown lip liner. I literally felt under-dressed every time I passed a mirror cos this shade is just perfect for a night out or a red carpet event for real. Next time, I'm rocking ti for the kind of event it is meant for abeg.


  1. That color is sooooooo pretty!!!!

  2. My exact reaction when I went out with the lip, lol.
    Had it all along and didn't realise.
    Thanks dear


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