Inspire | Sometimes Doing Nothing Is The Best Way To Move Forward by Eric M. Ruiz

I'm always busy. I'm one of those insanely restless people who never have time to do nothing but feel the need to always have something to do. When I go on leave it's because I have a project that I need to do on a week day, my meetings are fixed on weekends and even when I'm sitting down in front of the TV, I'm always up on social media or my inbox following up on forgotten emails or posts. Do I ever do nothing? Yes and I hate it. Should I ever have a period to do nothing? Apparently yes, according to this article by Eric Ruiz. If for nothing else, I need those moments of peace and quiet to get a refreshing message from God the owner of all creativity.

Inspire | 3 Ways to Make Your Life Simple and Successful Again by Marc Chernoff

As much as I would like to say my life is simple, easy and straight forward, IT ISN'T. In fact, it gets more complicated by the day and truth be told, I'm sometimes at a loss what to do day in and day out. Believe me when I say I need this article by Marc as much as I think you all do.