Inspire | The Problems of Being 'Very' Beautiful

I tried to look for an image on google with a human being that would be perfect for the header visual but alas, I had to content myself with this gorgeous vector rose from, lol.
When I read this post, and even till now, I don't think the beautiful have problems. Prove me wrong and I'll take away that statement. I find this funny and sensible but not sure if I believe it is the truth. If you watch TED and have come across the talk by Cameron Russell, you'll tilt your head in agreement with me and tilt your head the other way in agreement with her. Note how the beautiful is qualified with 'very'?

#thenailstudiofiles | A Short Recap

Hey guys, our #thenailstudiofiles post for today is a recap of our journey so far.
Sooooooo sorry it's coming soooooooo late, hugs & kisses
fittings for The Nail Studio fashion shoot. And that's my tummy showing within the black band *grin*

Event | Beyond Beauty Blogging @ #SMWLagos2015

Social Media Week Lagos 2015 has come and gone and right along with it all the hype, buzz and pizzazz. But in the midst of it all, I came out with something, a little something, a lot something, but something all the same.

Inspire | 5 Powerful Tips to a Better Life by Idillionaire

I've followed Idillionaire on Twitter for as long as I can remember. Her tweets ALWAYS make me smile and I loved when she recently joined Instagram as well. In life, there are so many things that more often than not, we take for granted. This post by Idillionaire reminds us that it doesn't have to be so and we can actually enjoy a better life, the kind of life that God planned for us to live.

Inspire | 10 Ways Introverts Interact Differently With The World by Alena Hall

For a very long time I thought I was an extrovert, my parents, siblings, relatives and everyone around me thought I was very Sanguine in nature. That was until I grew older. I first of all started with liking my own company and opting to stay indoors while everyone went transitioned to outright rejection of outing invitations and finally, I became a recluse gravitating from work to house to church to house to work to house to church and so on.
Then I started blogging!
I had to compromise at some point if I wanted to succeed at it. Compromise I did and very well, too well infact that people say I have 2 natures - one online and the other offline. 

Inspire | Why Not....Become Self-Actualised? by Shannon Ables

A lot has happened to me and for me this year. In one phrase - God has blessed me exceedingly well this year...and it is just the beginning. In January, I set a couple of parameters for myself and even though there were conflicting with my nature (which i'd cultivated over the years), I knew I had to fight against it. The fight is still on but I'm not giving up. My journey to self actualization has only gotten fiercer, my desire for self-fulfilment is stronger than my desire for stagnance. This article about self-actualisation is our Inspire post for the week.