#thenailstudiofiles | Shellac Nails with CND

There is nothing more pleasing to the eyes than beautiful, elegant fingers and lovely oval fingernails (well, I like oval shaped nails). The same way I have never been able to stand fake hair, I have never liked fake nails. Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with them *sad face*

Barbara's 2015 Resolutions

It’s the New Year and Resolutions aren’t new to any of us. Infact, a lot of us revamp previous resolutions and say to ourselves that we will accomplish them in the new year *yeah right*

Smile less should be one of them right?
While some are of the school of thought that resolutions make no sense and people should actually take action, loads of Beauty resolutions scattered all over the internet have inspired me to perhaps make some resolutions of my own, not necessarily beauty or fashion or anything of the sort…..just resolutions *shrug*

This Year, I will….

Opinion Poll - Where should 'Barbara, the Fashion Blogger' be?

Hello lovelies,
I'm sure you all must have noticed there are quite a number of new projects I've been involved in. Some of them are still in the works, some of them kicked off late last year ie. creating content for The Nail Studio, Lagos in my capacity as Official Blogger, amongst other projects I'm currently working on.

My Hair | New Year with Natural Nigerian Bentonite Clay

I'm still wondering why my first post in 2015 is about hair, and messy hair at that, lol.

Hello lovelies,
Happy New Year to you all dear, dear, people. I have missed you and while I have been a bit confused about Barbara the Fashion Blogger and her posts, my life must go on and I for one want to focus on my hair this year. My initial focus has always been health, length came along coincidentally, it was not my intention, lol.