Barbara The Fashion Blogger | Orange Lace & Black For New Year 2015

It's New Year Eve!
So much to do, so much to say, so many places to go and most importantly, so much gratitude to God that we can barely contain ourselves.
As the humans we are though, we spend half the time before today and some part of today wondering what we are going to wear to that special New Year's eve event or even to church (Sunday best for God remember?)

clothes (on sale at The Nail Studio, 9 Aboyade Cole street, Victoria Island) - The Nail Studio

Barbara The Fashion Blogger | Some Delicate Gold Chains

I've never liked to show off skin, most likely that's why I never wear anything that is outrightly flattering in anyway, lol. This top changed all that and by pure coincidence too. I took it off the rack because the cowl neck style in front appealed to me, little did I know that the back was daring.....not as daring as I had initially thought it would be but in a simple, girlishly classy way.

clothes (on sale at The Nail Studio, 9 Aboyade Cole street, Victoria Island) - The Nail Studio

Barbara, The Fashion Blogger | Elsie Vintage & White

It's the eve before Christmas, I don't wear colour and this Elsie Vintage skirt is the closest I have to a multi-coloured outfit which closely looks like Christmas fairy lights.

I'll be on holiday hence the blog will be off for a while. Follow me on Instagram though as I'll update that with anything interesting from the holidays and my Tumblr blog will also be active with fashion collaborations with 'The Nail Studio' for whom I recently became Official blogger.

Merry Christmas everyone, xoxo

Inspire | 6 Ways to Live Fully Each Day by Shannon Ables

Did you know that even though we wake up to a new day every morning, some of us are yet to live our lives fully? There are so many hindrances to this that we are totally unaware of - within and without. In this post, Shannon focuses on the hindrances within. It's almost the end of the year and I can't think of a better attitude to cultivate in the New Year. 
I'll skip some of the opening sentences

Inspire | The Difference Between Living Life & Not by Adam Singer

Reading this article was like a wake up call for me. I have 2 things in my life that I live by - Duty and Passion (I'm sure you guys can figure out which is which). Sometimes I'm a bit confused about why I do them both. This article reminded me why

Weekend Blues | Hope, A New Project & #BarbaraxAfroriri Instagram Contest

Hi guys,
I've recently been under a lot of pressure and going through a lot. If you follow me on Instagram you must have felt it too. But the message of hope especially from Jer. 29:11 + God sending a physical person to help renew my hope has greatly strengthened me. So now, I can smile again, even brighter than before.