Inspire | The 10 Commandments of Highlighting & Contouring by Shannon Caldwell Dowling

It's that time of the week again and here is another post for makeup artists/enthusiasts. Nowadays, there is barely any difference between the 2 especially with social media providing a platform for people to literally go crazy. I read this on Glossible and loved it. I hope you do too.

There is no way I can publish this post without using the exact same images Shannon used. Here goes, it gets more hilarious as you get to the bottom.

My Hair | My Natural Hair Journey, Pt. 2

This is a looooong post filled with text. Thought you should know.
If you are interested in what my 2 years, 7 months old natural hair journey has entailed, by all means click the jump. Otherwise, you can move right along.
Thank you

My Hair | My Natural Hair Journey, Pt.1

This post will be in 2 parts - Part 1 will be pictures of my journey and Part 2 will be me talking you through the journey with what exactly I did, how, when, where, the brands I used, how I reacted to them etc.
It is only fair that Part 1 starts with a picture of my online visual identity and my very first faux puff done right after my 8 months transition journey ended in November of 2012.

Product Review | Sleek Studio Nigeria Flash a Pout Lipstains

This is most likely the most out-dated review post for the Sleek Studio Flash-a-pout lip stains but I'm putting it up anyway *tongue out*. By the time of this post, I am actually missing Coined. I swatched them all previously but didn't like how the pictures came out so decided to do lip swatches all over again (still working on my lip swatches so no hating)

Inspire | 6 Easy Tips to an Organised Closet by Tosin Ak

Ever heard the saying "organising your closet is as easy as ABC"?. Most likely not because I just made it up, lol. An organised closet. Hmmm, mine is a shame to behold but mainly because I have no space at home. Once I do get space, you bet I'll be dying to show it off to you all. 
Style Me Africa recently unveiled their new website and brand (at a lovely bloggers event which I wasn't invited to, hmph. Imagine that). Anyway, I was on their site recently and saw this post. Trust me, no way I wasn't going to share it here

Nails | Nail Candy Nail Art Pen Review

I'm not sure why I'm yet to upload the pictures I took at the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference and I apologise for the quality of the light in these images. My regular, portable source of light died right when I was about to start and I didn't want to postpone taking pictures of this exceptional nail art product.

My Hair | The Bantu Knots (& Bantu knotouts) Struggle

Never mind Naptural85, Naturally Curly, Natural Sistas, Jenell Stewart and the rest of them who make Bantu knotouts look like a breeze. IT ISN'T!
Do you follow me on Instagram? You'd have seen all the pictures from my struggle

Event | CNBC Africa All Africa Business Leaders Awards Presented by Johnnie Walker Blue Label. West African Nominees Unveiled.

I love attending business events. I usually reach out to PR companies of such events and I am very excited when I get invited to them. So far I have been to WOWe (Women of West Africa Entrepreneurship Conference. Where I met Eryca Freemantle) and WIE (Women: Inspiration & Enterprise) and I was hugely inspired by the women who spoke at these events. 

Inspire | Fakeup Artist or Makeup Artist? 20 Tips From Seasoned Pros. by Sonia Roselli

We have all asked ourselves "what defines a truly professional makeup artist?". We won't even get into the question of what makes one a 'celebrity' makeup artist. We'll get into that another time, lol.
I stumbled on this article on Glossible and couldn't imagine not posting it as an Inspire Wednesday post. Would love to know what you guys think?

Nails | L.A. Girl Disco Diva

Manicure posts are now being taken either right on top of my computer, in my car or walking down the road. Generally, in a standing position though as I seem to always be on the move or at work when I remember I am supposed to be doing a mani post. (as an aside, I will be swapping nail posts for mascara posts in the coming weeks. My nails are back to floor length and I do have a couple of mascara tubes you should know about)

Product Review | Sleek Studio Glowshine Lipgloss

The concept of lipgloss has always been alien to me. I always wonder why I can't just use a lip balm over my lipstick and if I want a highlight in the middle of my lip, what happened to another lipstick in a lighter shade. Such admissions here are usually considered unusual by some because 1) I am a makeup artist and 2) I should know better to admit such things.
But heck, this is where I have a chance to say anything I like right?

20 Random Facts About Me

Swapping my Wednesday Inspire posts for this. Just this once guys, just this once.

Seriously? Do I really have to do this? I mean, I'm very sure there is nothing new you guys want to know about me, is there? Or am I wrong? I was tagged by Love Ifeyinwa to do this post way back in August but was too shy to tackle it. Seen so many of my fellow bloggers putting theirs up and figured I'd perhaps give it a try.

So here are 20 random things about me (20?!!! That's a lot)

Event | Savvy & Chic Hair & Beauty Garden Party

Exactly one week ago, I was at a really lovely bloggers get together hosted by the gorgeous Dabs of & owner of Savvy & Chich Hair & Beauty. Truthfully, I had initially thought it would be just natural hair bloggers but it was an eclectic mix of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and hair bloggers.

My Hair | Easy Tuck n Roll How-To Video (3 Styles)

Do you know that feeling of 'Eureka'? It can be completely intoxicating and sometimes it makes you breathless and float, lol. Well, that is kinda how I have been feeling these past couple of weeks. It seems everyone only recently realised I have lovely, super curly, super full, natural hair resting peacefully on my head. Thus, I get compliments about it everyday. Now, that's enough Barbara, lol.

Product Review | MAC Cosmetics

Receiving a press package from a PR company is sometimes like un-wrapping jewellery, lol.
Well, that's how I felt when I received this from The Bobby Taylor Company as a thank you for publishing a collection post.

Inspire | 9 Qualities of a Confident Woman by Kali Rogers

Hmmm, a confident woman. Who exactly is she? They do say though that confident women are strong, courageous and awesomely attractive. That is the kind of woman I would like to be (if I can get over my laziness that is, lol). Came across this article on huffingtonpost and said to share it for this week's Inspire post. Enjoy!