Weekend Blues & A Holiday | The Flu, #MTNProjectFame7, BellaNaija Comeback & Style Me Africa Photoshoot

I had the flu. Apparently it has been going round my office with a colleague first and then my boss and me, who knows who will be next. Mine started on Thursday and became worse on Friday but hey I wasn't going to miss the first Project Fame show so I trudged along with a couple caplets of Panadol Extra in my body.

The first fun thing that happened to me was this 

Music | Waje & Tiwa 1950s 'Onye' Vintage

In recent times, especially with my new job, I have discovered a new interest in music (not love, interest). In this new interest, one of the artistes that constantly puts a smile on my face is Waje. Watch her new video featuring Tiwa Savage. Omawunmi & Bryan play cameo roles.

Beauty | House of Tara "ColourBurst" Campaign

Kevin Roberts is all for SISOMO (sight, sound & motion) and you have to admit that a mix of all gets our senses piqued and paying attention. House of Tara has got our attention by using all of them in their new ad campaign.

While the rest of the world celebrates summer (which we don't have in Nigeria because it is summer all year round). House of Tara is giving us a taste of this splendid fun season with their new campaign titled ColourBurst.  As someone who has worked in advertising for the past 5 years, I am very passionate about brand building and promotion especially in the beauty business and I am really glad to see the House of Tara brand doing this in such a spectacular way.

Product Review | Sleek Studio Signature Face Kit*

This has been a long time coming but finally I get to post the review of the Sleek Studio Signature kit (I gave out one of them when I hit 1,000 followers on Instagram too).
This palette is very well loved by me due mainly to the fact that it has almost everything I need for my everyday makeup in it. It comes in 4 different shades with the difference being the translucent powder in the centre of the palette.

Weekend Blues | #MTNMusicPlus Launch Party, Spice TV Appearance & Deflated Car Tires

Before the week goes by and I begin to wonder what happened to it, let me share my weekend with you guys. A couple of things happened during the week leading up to the weekend though
  • Took pictures with Praise, Diana King and Sound Sultan (who also has a gap so it was a really cool picture) at the #MTNTweetGuest sessions build-up to the Launch of the MTN Music+ app.
  • Was on Spice TV as a guest on the set of the 'Spice Most' recording. I will be on the look out for when it will be showing on TV and if you'll miss it, I will get a video and post up on youtube.
  • Had the hair all up in an afro for the first time at my new job and had to cultivate the patience to answer every 'is this your hair?' question with 'yes, it is' while smiling
we both have a gap, isn't that cute?

#MyStyle | Elsie Vintage Versatile Skirt to the Office

Can someone please explain to me why the iPhone gets so many rave reviews? I miss my Samsung *loud sob*. My sincere apologies for the quality of the pictures.

Actually....this was the first time I wore my versatile Elsie Vintage skirt. It was a rainy day and usually I look for brown to wear but on this day I wanted something especially bright. You can imagine how bright I made the office look on that day.

Event | Here's your Carrie Bradshaw Shoe Chance with BFF Shoes 'Happy Hour' Shopping

please permit me to start this post with that, lol.
Not necessarily heels, infact, I am a mid-heels, block heels, brogues & oxfords kinda girl. They must be comfortable though. Comfort is usually my first criteria. I do have pairs that aren't comfortable and I have promised myself that if there is a way I can swop them, I will.

Anyway, tomorrow I will be hanging around shoes. LOTS and LOTS of shoes as tomorrow the BFF Shoes Happy Hour is happening

Fashion | #BreakfastwithIB Goodie Bag

Hey guys, I promised to share stuff from my Ituen Basi Press Conference Goodie bag/Press kit. I haven't done it early enough to add it to the previous post, so I am going ahead to create a new post for it.

#MyStyle | Elsie Vintage Versatile Skirt on Sunday

One of the important points to note when shopping for really good quality vintage pieces is their multi-useability (read my post on Vintage Shopping). This point only occured to me recently and has become a motto which guides my shopping. 

Recently I purchased a skirt from Elsie Vintage, I didn't realise how versatile it was until I wore it the second time - to church on a Sunday.
the skirt has small triangle patterns coloured red, pink, orange, tan, brown, black and white

FOTD | Winged Liner & Pink with Sleek Makeup, Khuraira and Magnolia

Obviously I have a crush on the Magnolia Infinity palette cos I use it every Sunday for customising my lip colour
*#talkingtomyself "I should do a single review of the palette and the different customising options it provides, hmmm"

On to my post; So I have taken the slogan 'Sunday Best' to heart and can guarantee you'll a smashing makeup (and OOTD when my sister manages to take good pictures) every week from my Sunday look to church. I have really been doting on my Sleek iDivine palette in Original these days as it is the only coloured palette in my personal makeup stash apart from the Revlon & Wet n Wild quads I use for neutral, everyday looks.

Fashion | Breakfast with Ituen Basi

Hey guys,
You all know me, I always say I am not a fashion blogger but then end up at really cool fashion shows and events I am almost wont to add 'Fashion blogger' to my blog description.

So once again, I got invited to a really cool fashion event. Let me start from the beginning. There are very few fashion designers I love in Nigeria (can't afford them but I love them all the same), Ituen Basi was recently added to that list, I absolutely love how she literally molds fabrics to do her bidding. It is fascinating.

Like I was saying, I was on my own, on my seat at work and I got a call from a number I don't know, I picked and was promptly asked if I would be available for an Ituen Basi press conference. My heart skipped and I had to get her to repeat herself. Of course I would be available na (so help me God). A couple of hours, text messages and mails later, I got my formal invite to the Breakfast with Ituen Basi press event.

Work & Hotel Review | #MTNProjectFame7 Kwara & Lagos

Hey guys,
Finally I get to upload this on time and I am super glad and happy about that.
This post is going to serve more than one purpose, lol:
  1. A recap of what I have been up to and where I have been in the past weeks
  2. A mini review of Villa Picasso Corporate Suites on Adetokunbo Ademola road, Victoria Island, Lagos
  3. A mini review of the iPhone5 which I have been using for about 2 weeks now. You all know how much I love my Samsung Galaxy Note II (the screen cracked at the MTN Project Fame All Stars Concert Lagos last week friday *loud sob*), the high resolution quality of the images is absolutely one of the things that endears me to it and I have more than once posted unedited pictures I took with it. So is the iPhone worth all the hype and fuss? Can it match the Samsung? All my opinion of course.
So stay tuned and I hope you like this first of what I hope will be many of such reviews & posts.
I saw a picture posted by Nicole Warne of garypeppergirl on Instagram a while ago and I figured out a way of achieving it. It is actually a lovely technique which I look forward to using a lot.

FOTD | Purple Ombre Lip & Sleek Makeup paired with Nouva Couture

I went crazy with the Ombre lips on this Sunday, lol. Regardless, I still pulled it off and wore it to church. My mom did wonder why the 'unnecessary' brightness.

I was wearing one of my Nouva Couture gowns and a gold detailed throw-over from Elsie Vintage. Unfortunately my sister wasn't in her element and didn't take nice pictures + it rained heavily that day too so no good lighting.