Week 3 | Khuraira Lipglosses

Lipglosses! We love us some gloss on our lips don't we? Sometimes alone and sometimes to provide that glisten and sheen to finish our lip colour. Well, I got 4 from Khuraira recently which are featured in this post (along with 2 others from previous packages)

So while truthfully, I am sometimes confused as to the reason why lipglosses in different colours (especially when they aren't opaque) even exist, I will do my best to personally understand because I know quite a lot of people who love them (disclaimer - as a makeup artist, I am not in anyway connected to that last statement)

So here are the lipglosses from Khuraira. Please keep in mind that due to the fact that I have a mum and a sister, both older than me and both of whom I can't say no to especially when it comes to makeup, I don't own some of these items anymore, lol.

Week 3 | Khuraira Mascaras & Lash Primer

I am very fanatical about my lashes! When I grow up, I want mine to look like that of Jackie Aina aka. LilPumpkinPie05. As a result of this, I loooove mascaras. At any given time, I usually have 3 in my personal makeup collection and the best part is that I actually use them all - either individually or as a combination ie. first coat volumising mascara, second & third coats lengthening.

Well, Khuraira caught on to this when we first met and so always sends me her mascaras - which by the way are absolutely beautiful and do exactly what they say they will.