Product Review: 'New' Asta Gel Liners

23 Dec 2013

Hello lovelies,
After the HOT Beauty Bruncheon event, we got a surprise from Gbemi of Hegai & Esther as she gave us gel liners from the new Asta shades. I got 3 of the shades and after my Week with Asta series, this is a quick review of the liners

Top - Peacock; Bottom - Nubia and Berry
Like the name, this is a gorgeous berry colour. It has no shine in it which I must admit is one of the reasons I like it a lot. As usual, I use this as a base for eyeshadow. 
This is fast becoming a favourite of mine. I use it in a pinch to define and shape brows. The only downside is that it only shows on fair to medium complexions and not on dark skin. I used this at Music Meets Runway 2013 on Pearl Hart and Tomi Odunsi's brows.
I do love me some shimmer right along with my shimmerless gel products. This is gorgeous as a base for shimmer smokey eyes. I daresay it can be used alone too (which I will do very soon I am sure) to create the look.

As always, these gel liners are water-proof and one needs to apply a bit of pressure to get it off.
Will I recommend? Definitely.


  1. I've never used the liners but I've read great reviews on it. U were backstage at MMR? Wow! Nice one... I envy u (in a good way lol)

    1. They really are great @ruleemissy.
      I had an All Access pass at MMR but unfortunately was hard at work and really didn't get to enjoy the show.
      The last thing I did before running off home was hold Alek Wek by the waist while posing for a picture with the rest of the SpiceTV crew, lol.


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