Music Meets Runway 2013 | Through My Eyes

Hello lovelies,
A very Merry Christmas to you all.

I am sure you all have been wondering where I have been and what I have been up to. Well, I recently got a position with Spice TV (DSTV Channel 192) as an Associate Producer in charge of Beauty. It has been gruelling but also loads of fun.

I have loads of pictures from my very first outing with the team, which was the Johnnie Walker 'Drive of a Lifetime' event. However, I will start with the most recent one - Music Meets Runway 2013. 

With an ALL ACCESS pass, we literally had the run of the place and could go anywhere we wanted. We did short backstage interviews with the makeup & hair keys, took some clips of the clothes and models before they went on stage, private interviews with some of the artists and designers and clips of the rehearsals way before the event began.

Product Review: 'New' Asta Gel Liners

Hello lovelies,
After the HOT Beauty Bruncheon event, we got a surprise from Gbemi of Hegai & Esther as she gave us gel liners from the new Asta shades. I got 3 of the shades and after my Week with Asta series, this is a quick review of the liners

My Hair & Elsie Vintage in 'Vintage Bun'

Hello lovelies,

My hair in a bun and a flirty vintage skirt are an absolutely gorgeous pair.
I decided not to fuss with my makeup and settled for a smokey line around my eyes with a slight hint of pink (which came from my blush). I had just loosened my hair from corn-rows hence the straight look.

p.s. this is how I always achieve a stretched look for my hair. In the almost 2 years I have had my natural kinky hair, I have not used any heat or stretching tools on it.