BMPro Haul & Review of HD Primer, Powder Blush, Luminous Bronzer & Long Lasting Lip Gloss

Hello lovelies,
Do you all remember when Banke Meshida Lawal opened the Lekki BM|Pro store? Well I do because I got these babies from her at that store. It has been a couple months after but I am sure you will remember me mention some of them in an old post here and I posted pictures on Instagram too.
Small foundation brush (purchased by me), HD Primer, Luminous Powder Bronzer, Satin powder blush and Long lasting lipgloss

Review + Video | Sleek Eyes and Ombre Lips

A couple of days ago when I published this post it was supposed to be accompanied by a video but unfortunately that didn't happen.
So here is the video and I hope you enjoy.
I mainly reviewed the products I used to achieve the look.

FOTD with Nokia Lumia 920: Lighted Pink using 'The Fashion Fair 1980’s Fresh Capsule Collection'

Hello Lovelies,
In the first mail I got from Nokia about reviewing the Lumia 920, reference was made to the fact that I am in the beauty industry. It only makes sense for me to resist the temptation of any other comparison outside of beauty and makeup pictures ie. FOTDs, product Reviews etc.

Here is the first FOTD using the Lumia. Incidentally, the pictures make me look like a porcelain doll and aligns somewhat with the Fashion Fair Capsule Collection I used - 1980s Fresh Collection

Face of the Day: Sleek Eyes & Ombre Lips using Zaron and BM|Pro

Sometimes using a new product can either be difficult or really easy to figure out. In both cases, patience is always the key.
I had a bit of a hard time when I first used the Zaron cream-to-powder due to its really dry formulation, but I had to know what it would look like all over my face so I found a way out - Fix+

I wanted to do a look that would incorporate a lot of my recent hauls - BM|Pro. Zaron and MAC; and it resulted in this colourful look.

Face of the Day: MAC Bright Sunshine Cut Crease & Orekelewa Teal

Hello lovelies,
The cut-crease eye is one look that I have never really gotten the hang of regardless of how much I try so one saturday I took it upon myself to make sure I successfully give it a go. Whipping out some much loved but rarely used products (along with some new lippies) I proceeded to attempt creating a cut-crease eye look.
Here is the final result

5 Little Things I like about the Nokia Lumia 920

I am very new on the Nokia Lumia train but when I received the Lumia 920 yesterday, these 5 things struck me as pretty cute.

1. Colourful: when I was about to buy my Samsung Galaxy Note II I actually wanted the grey one (it comes in only white and grey *boring*). The grey wasn't available so I had to settle for the white and get a grey flap cover for it. On the other hand, the Nokia phones come in an array of delightful colours from black and grey to white and yellow. I got the black one which is matte and I must say that it is absolutely sleek and classy to behold.

Tutorial | How-To Create a Natural Hair Mohawk-Puff

Hello lovelies, it is friday again and there is no Weekly Recap because I have been way off the online scene this week. But in other news, I have received a Nokia Lumia 920 from Nokia for trial and reviews and will be uploading a 5 Little Things I like about the Nokia Lumia 920 post right after this.

On to my last natural hair style right before my braids. I called it a mohawk-puff *grin* simply because it was actually a puff at the back but looked like a mohawk from the front. I did a how-to video for it too.

My Article in WOW Magazine & the cute intro Banke Meshida Lawal wrote about me

YES!!!!! I got the job!
Hello lovelies, I have basically being talking about my new position as a beauty contributor in WOW Magazine; alongside the Beauty Editor - Banke Meshida Lawal who is one of Nigeria's finest makeup artists.
my contributor profile

The First Step To Effective Change

This post has been lying in my draft folder since the beginning of the year because I felt that I didn't know enough to do a good job of it.
We are in the fifth month of this year and so much has happened enough for me to know that there is a significant difference between change and effective change.

My Hair|FOTD: Creative Safari Blue Mohawk

On the day of my office 5th Anniversary - The Creative Safari; I felt I should do something different with my hair and did a mohawk for the very first time.
I also wanted minimum fuss with my makeup between the afternoon knowledge sharing session and the cocktail in the evening so I opted to do a simple look in the morning which I could easily amp-up to an evening look - simple blue smokey eye and nude lips which would change to dark eyes and matte red lips in the evening.
the mohawk and my simple daytime look

Barbara's Weekly Recap

Hey guys, what have you all been up to this wet and dreary friday? 
Whatever it is I am sure you all are grateful that it is finally friday and the start of another weekend (I am)
Well, I have been up to a number of things namely 
  • more facebook posts 
  • more trial and error makeup looks and videos
  • more Keeks
  • more picture editing and post drafts
  • more procrastination (I should be ashamed about that though, lol)
  • and generally more.....
On Keek, here are this week's updates

Product Review|Video: Asta Gel Liners by Hegai & Esther

The very first day I knew that there was an alternative to the dreaded liquid liners which are the bane of shaky hands, tiny lids and curly lashes, I knew that there is a God in heaven who had me in mind and never wanted me to go through a difficult day in life ever again, lol.
I have ever since been on the prowl for the perfect cream or gel liner. I must say that I have come across quite a number of them but today is Asta waterproof gel liner day.

Video|Face of the Day: with Sleek Makeup 'iDivine Original' eyeshadow palette

On this Sunday something came over me, so even though it was the weekend I was ill (I posted a dark keek about it and I spent the entire sunday lying down, yes, even when I got to church I found somewhere to lie down), I still took out time to do my makeup. I pulled a scarf over my hair which was a mess and slathered on some makeup. I did manage to take relatively nice pictures of the look.
*Apologies for the pale pictures

28 Days of Red - Day 27 'Vintage Lucite Earrings'

Oh no, just found this post reclining in my drafts folder. This was supposed to be a part of the February 28 days of red series *covers face*.
I love this Lucite earrings I got quite coincidentally (yes they are pure lucite and even though I doubt that they were made anytime before 1980, I will still say they are a vintage piece *grin*)

Tool Review: The London Brush Company Brush Shampoo

I officially met Sian Richards on Facebook last year and we hit it off right from the start. Unfortunately  even though I was dying to get some LBC brushes the whole challenge of shipping was a huge hindrance and so the whole process slowed down. Reading reviews about and seeing pictures of the London Brush Company brush shampoo in a pro MUAs group did not help matters at all as it made me long to get it.

Thankfully, someone else was thinking ahead on my behalf!
It was the very first day and they weren't officially open as Funke had just come back from the TMS.
I posted this picture on Instagram after that visit

Product Review: Zaron Cream-To-Powder Foundation, Mattifying Compact Powder & Lipsticks

Weeks ago my complexion changed again (I experience that a minimum of 3 times a year) and I realised that all the products I had were now slightly too dark for me. "What brand have I not tried? Should we go for premium or just affordable?", I asked myself. Surely at that time, affordable won and off I went to the Zaron store as I was yet to try their new range of foundations, compact powders and lipsticks.
I got the Cream-to-powder, Compact powder and 2 lipsticks

Barbara's Weekly Recap

Even in the midst of all the chaos this week there was a public holiday for which I, my colleagues & every worker I know was grateful for. I didn't stir until 9am and didn't lift a finger until 4pm, lol.
Thank God for another TGIF and it is time for my weekly recap.
I sincerely apologise for missing last week's recap post but I assure you didn't miss anything special *grin*

Here goes with Keek first