Face of the Day: A Purple Striped Keek Day

Between purple and blue I don't know which I love better (and that is simply the truth).
Because of this, I always try to incorporate them into my makeup looks be it in small ways by way of in my waterline or mascara or in obvious ways like making it the main focus of the look.
In this look, I made purple the focus of the look. That wasn't hard I must admit as I was wearing a purple striped shirt to work that day.

Product Review|FOTD: Wet n Wild Palettes in "Blue Had Me At Hello & Petal Pusher"

The day I knew there was going to be a Wet n Wild distributor in Nigeria was a very happy day indeed for me and a lot of other MUAs in Nigeria. Not only because we would have this fabulous drugstore brand but also at an affordable price.
Blue Had Me At Hello & Petal Pusher

1923 Photoshoot: Afro-Chic with 'Sam Fine Tunisian Nights Quad'

My dear friend who you all remember from my makeup portfolio and earlier photoshoot posts remembered me and said I should make sure I call her whenever I have a shoot so I did.
I wanted to play around with my Sam Fine Tunisian Nights quad again and I also wanted to do a dark look on her too. It did occur to me sometime that I had never done a smokey eye or dark lip look on her and I guess I wanted to combine them in one shoot.
I had forgotten how nice it feels to do makeup on Chychy.
I used the 4 shades in the quad for her eyes. It was fun mixing them up.

Product Review|FOTD with Ruby Kisses Orange Crisps eyeshadow duo

When I first saw the Ruby Kisses Orange Crisps duo eyeshadow the only thing that came to my mind was "Not another gold eyeshadow". I barely gave it a try and totally left it out of my regular products for use.I however got to use it for a look recently and I realised how beautiful it is.

Product Review|FOTD: Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream

Shamefully I was one of those who instantly condemned BB creams as not being suitable for darker skin tones before I tried them. Fortunately for me, I got to use one before I went in too deep.

1923 Photoshoot with Oma

Not once have I been to a portfolio shoot arranged personally with a photographer without a theme for the shoot in mind. The day of the shoot with Ifeoma and Dipo was no different as I went prepared with the looks I would do and how they would transition into each other.
Nothing however prepared me for the model ie. Ifeoma. With her perfect bone structure and flawless skin I was immediately inspired and abruptly changed course.
her flawless skin was perfect for my Fashion Fair skin revive foundation and a dab of Benefit High Beam by Benefit cosmetics to highlight.

Barbara's Weekly Recap

Hello everyone and TGIF *yippee*
This week I have been at a training to become a certified Google Advertising Professional alongside regular work with presentations and strategy proposals and all that. So I haven't really been actively online (a friend said she was on the verge of sending a SWAT team to look for me, lol)
Not much has happened but I did try to post some Keek updates.
I have gotten a whole load of new Instagram followers even though I couldn't share anything on there this week. As usual, my pinterest account is thriving *dunno why* and I am grateful for it.

Here are the Keek videos I posted this week

Product Review: Makeup Forever (MUFE) Flash Palette

"An exclamation left my lips and I immediately reached out and snatched one off the shelf."
That is an exact capture of my reaction the moment I saw the Makeup Forever Flash palette in Gifty's Daughter, Lagos.
Every makeup artist worth their salt has either heard about or has this palette and ever since I heard about it a couple of years ago I have wanted one.

Product Review: Sam Fine for Fashion Fair Tunisian Nights Eyeshadow quad

The Sam Fine for Fashion Fair collection is one classic collection that will remain timeless. From the packaging to the selected shades to the textures, it is a beauty to have and hold.The Tunisian Nights quad (which is the one I got) is in a class of it's own. I love the selection of cool shades - blue, silver, purple and black. Perfect for those calm red carpet nights.

If perhaps you are expecting me to say something negative about the Sam Fine for Fashion Fair collection I must say you have come to the wrong place. This quad, along with the Flash Palette, was the highlight of my first haul from the Gifty's Daughter Lagos store.
"Why Tunisian Nights?" a couple of people have asked and frankly, I chose this first because I had not heard a lot about it unlike Amalfi Coast which is everyone's favourite.

1923 Face of the Day: Working Blue

It is a monday (a couple of weeks ago) and I am in a cheery mood because I have the chance to get some twitter recognition from one of the greatest makeup artists ever via a twitter contest. I wanted to do something simple, wearable and not too over the top while still keeping to the blue smokey eyes and pink lips contest theme.

Barbara's Weekly Recap

Hello everyone, it is friday again yes and soooooo long since my last weekly recap post.

So much has happened since the last time - I have gotten so much more interactions with my Pinterest boards, gotten more followers on Instagram (leading to an increase in my klout score), posted videos on youtube, gotten a Keek account (sharing video updates there too), moved lots of step forward in my natural hair journey and became a contributor to WOW magazine which is totally amazeballs.

Dunno where I am going to start from ..... perhaps from my most recent re-pinned posts on Pinterest

1923 Face of the Day | My Hair: Winged Blue & Curls

I have had my natural hair on with no protective styling on it for more than a month now but I wanted to show you how it looked when I first took my last twists out.
It was super curly and formed spiral rings the moment I applied a mix of water and conditioner to it. Oh, and coincidentally I have on blue eyes and pink lips on this day too, lol.

Tool Review: Preo Individual Lash Curler

Way back before I started blogging and till date, Ren of Makeupbyrenren is still one of the blogs I follow unwaveringly. One tool she mentioned often that caught my eye was the Individual lash curler and when I saw this one in the Gifty's Daughter Lagos store I knew I had to get it.
This is such a blessing when someone has that one lash that just refuses to clamp in the lash curler or that is as straight as a rule. Definitely a makeup artist must have.

My Hair: African Naturalistas Products for my hair.

I was desperate after my last bout with shoulder and back pimples so I made sure to search and seek out affordable natural hair products. I came across an old friend from university who is now a leading natural hair blogger - Atilola of African Naturalistas

I went ahead to purchase shampoos, deep conditioner and hair butter. It took a while to get used to the non-sudding shampoo but I like it now. The deep conditioner has also being a god-send as it has greatly helped in keeping my hair constantly moisturised and softer than before. I must admit that I am still getting used to the hair butter and only recently used it for the first time as I usually just spritz a mixture of oil and water daily.
Nigerian based Naturalistas, what do you use for your hair?

1923 Face of the Day: Casual Ombre Makeup

This is a look I rocked very early this year. It has been reclining in my drafts folder and considering that I seem to be on an Ombre makeup roll, I decided to publish it.

Lip of the Day: Pink Ombre

Ombre was a hot trend last year but I was left behind (I think). Thankfully, the Ombre lip - 2 tone lip as we like to call them in Nigeria; are still very much in trend and I have taken to rocking them.
Early this year I rocked them almost everyday. Below are a replica of the lips I rocked to the first (and only) wedding I attended this year here.

Product Review: Fashion Fair Powder Foundation in 'Brun Tendre'

Powder foundations have always been an issue I never ventured in. Having always wondered why they seemed to thrive a great deal I requested that a Fashion Fair powder foundation be included in my Gifty's Daughter December haul.

My First Online Video!!!

Even though it is just 28 seconds long, my first online video has got me pumping and looking forward to making more.
I have no experience with video editing and no time to shoot actual videos for youtube but keek.com has provided me with an all too good alternative which I am absolutely loving. I stumbled on it last week and I have not looked back. 

According to wikipedia, 
'Keek is a free online social networking service that enables its users to upload 
video status updates, which are called "keeks". Users can post keeks 
to the keek website using a webcam or 
via the Keek mobile apps for Android or iPhone. Users can also reply back with
 text or video comments, known as "keekbacks", and share content 
to other major social media networks. 
There is also an embed option so users can embed their keeks into a blog or website.'

I posted my first Keek last week and I am all but becoming quite addicted to it.
Want to share it with you all too

Mar 25, 2013 | Hello Keek! by Barbara1923 on Keek.com
I am looking forward to more Keek videos in the days to come and who knows I just might decide to stroll foot by foot into much longer videos, you never know.

Product Review: Black Radiance Mosaic Blush in 'Warm Berry'

From peaches to berries, from pinks to reds, I love me some blush and best of all is when it is buildable.
I rarely use mosaic products cos I am usually unsure of the pigmentation (yes, I have been burned before) but knowing Black Radiance products I looked forward to using this product as soon as I got it.