28 Days of Red - Day 26 'It's a Red Revival'

I have had this post reclining in my drafts folder since forever now, lol. I think it will make a great addition to the 28 Days of Red series so I am including it just the way it is and without no edits

I wonder why Maybelline called this product Red Revival.
I wanted to do a red lipstick look and I wanted it to be different from all the red lipstick looks I usually do so I decided to try out Red Revival.
vaseline (for my lips as a lip primer), Revlon Color stay foundation & eyeshadow quad, Motives Photo Finish pressed powder, Khuraira mascara, Tara eye primer, Black Opal setting powder, Zaron lipgloss & eyebrow powder, Bobbi Brown Ombre A' Paupieres eyeshadow, Wet n Wild quad, Milani Mosaic powder, Rimmel bronzer, MUD cheek colour, Maybelline dream mousse foundation & lipstick

28 Days of Red - Day 22 'Some Red Informality'

Hey guys, on the last friday of my series I was at Social Media Week.
I was hugely inspired by an ensemble just like this.
Some Casual Red by barbsieo featuring paul by paul smith
A blend of casual and formal, serious and carefree but all still laced with some kind of class and style.

What do you think? Did I do good or what?

28 Days of Red - Day 23 'Ombre Lips Inspiration'

I really should be beaten up and tied up for not updating my series. First Social Media Week, some digital work in the office along with Client Service and everything in between added up to not give me time. For that I sincerely apologise.

So, the end of the month is near and I am revved up to hand over the gift to a winner (all the contest pictures will be uploaded tomorrow along with a surprise).
So from up till tomorrow, I will be publishing all the outstanding series posts.

I love ombre! Especially the pink and purple ombre combo and I did a couple of ombre lip posts.
I intend to add them to my regular FOTDs and photoshoots in the future and here I will be sharing some ombre lip inspirations I came across.
*swoon* that lip! that velvety lip......oh

28 Days of Red - Day 20 'What is in my bag?'

Ever since my first stint on the blogosphere one post topic which has recurred very often is "What is in my bag?" and it is usually a tag post. I have never participated in one but since I have a red animal skin bag (for the series), I have decided to post one and tag a couple fellow Nigerian bloggers.
christmas gift from a colleague

28 Days of Red - Day 19 'Sleek Pout Polish in Perfect Plum'

OMG, I missed a day in the series! I should be stoned or slapped or something equally bad. I am so sorry. I will still put up yesterday's post so here goes.

A couple of years back there was a craze for the Sleek pout polishes which came in such beautiful colours it was almost a sin not to fawn over any of them. I joined the band wagon and got the pout polish in Perfect Plum

For a while I used it religiously but being me, I got tired of it and relegated it to the background behind my trusty Blistex lip balm. For this series I got it out again and here it is.

28 Days of Red - Day 18 'Corporate & Red'

Hello everyone,
Happy New Week.

I woke up this morning feeling stripey and all. After dressing up I wondered how on earth I was supposed to incorporate red into my outfit for the day. I finally decided to go with my priced and treasured 'Orekelewa lipstick in Funke'

Here is how you can get the look (and yes I am wearing a purple striped shirt and a black pencil skirt, lol)

28 Days of Red - Day 17 'Disco Fever Nails'

When I went to purchase the O.P.I. Red Shatter nails I actually saw this nail polish from L.A. Girl. For some reason, it just didn't look like a red colour (and still doesn't especially when I put it side by side with actually red polish). I however made peace with sharing it during the series seeing as it kinda looks like red and even if it isn't an exact red belongs to the red family (all blabber. I sound like a broken record)
Disco Fever

28 Days of Red - Day 16 'Ombre with OCC NSFW Lip Tar'

It is time for another ombre lip look. This time I finally got to use my OCC Liptar in NSFW. I must say that every time I use the OCC tars I am amazed at their pigmentation. No one needs to reiterate the fact that just a drop of any of these goes a long way.
OCC liptar in NSFW, LISE lipstick in Fashionista, L'oreal black pencil, Davis purple pencil, Gifty's Daughter lip brush

28 Days of Red - Day 15 'Style-spiration: Flirty red'

Thank God it is friday and Valentine's day is now a thing of the past *phew!*, thank goodness.
That in no way means that you can't dress up for a night in with your man or even the girls.
Throw on an ultra flirty and flowing one piece red dress, some complimentary makeup, drop earrings, let down your hair and enjoy the end of a very hectic week (what with Val's day and then the death of Goldie Harvey; a hectic week indeed).

28 Days of Red - Day 14 'The Look: Red Carpet Red FOTD'

So it is finally Valentine's Day and you want to look your best regardless of whatever. Even though I love doing a winged liner look, I daresay it is one of the fastest ways to get a classy look.
Here is a winged liner look paired with the BM|Pro Red Carpet lipstick (a killer combo even if I do say so myself)

28 Days of Red - Day 14 'The Product - BM|Pro Red Carpet Lipstick'


My second BM|Pro lipstick just had to be a red lipstick too, lol - Red Carpet. (which happens to be my new favourite red lipstick)
This is described as a luxury matte lipstick (dunno what that means exactly *grin*); all I know is that I love this product.

28 Days of Red - Day 12 'The Look: Retro Red FOTD'

Of course I had to do a look using BM|Pro Retro Red lipstick. I paired it with a vintage blouse and pearl earrings (I don't know why but recently my accessories have been at the barest minimum)

And yes, I am at work with this look (thank God for not working in any stuffy place)

28 Days of Red - Day 12 'The Product: BM|Pro Retro Red Lipstick'

It is very well known that matte lipsticks last longer on the lip than other lip formulations. However, one thing to always keep in mind with this formulation is that it does tend to dry out the lips. Hence proper moisturizing of the lips is of utmost importance.

I have a couple of matte lipsticks but none by a Nigerian brand and so I was really excited to purchase this product which is part of the new BM|Pro line of products.

28 Days of Red - Day 11 'Style-spiration: Peplum & A Dash of Red'

It is the first day of the Valentine week and I know that emotions are tense underneath. Gifts here, cake there, a kiss here and a pat there. All is well guys, no need to fret.
Well, my own emotions are tense too as I attempt to do a style post, lol.
Please keep in mind that whatever style is portrayed here is  a reflection of 'my personal style' and no one else.

I have been in love with the peplum fashion trend every since it first emerged. This is mainly due to the fact that it hides my hips beautifully well. 

28 Daysof Red - Day 10 'Crackle Nails with O.P.I & L.A. Girl'

My VERY FIRST foray into the world of nails, yaaaay!
I know Shatter effect has been around for a couple of years now but I am just being introduced to it so please pardon my excitement. I stumbled on it in a beauty store beside my house and I immediately pounced on it.

Here is the funny part - I had  no idea there was a technique to it. I applied it directly to my nails like nail polish and nothing happened. I then proceeded to check online and read up on crackle nails and gave it a try again. The first time I tried it on, I used silver polish underneath but I definitely prefer this white polish.

28 Days of Red - Day 9 'Ombre Lips with BM|Pro Red Carpet lipstick'

Early in the year I dabbled into some ombre lip looks on Instagram which got quite a number of likes. I rarely take lip only pictures but for this series (and perhaps afterwards), I will show a couple of them.

Here is the first one and the red lipstick I incorporated into this look is the BM|Pro Red Carpet lipstick
MUD lipstick in Rose Clay, Ruby Kisses lipgloss in Berrylicious, Dark & Lovely lipstick, Fashion Fair pencil in Midnight, BM|Pro lipstick in Red Carpet and Gifty's Daughter lip brush

28 Days of Red - Day 8 'Casual Friday with a Long neck chain'

Hello everyone and Thank God it is friday!
I almost broke my series this morning, thank goodness I remembered in the nick of time.
I woke up this morning looking forward to wearing an all black ensemble with brown brogues and a brown bag. After dressing up, I began to prepare my breakfast; with the butter knife in my hand and a slice of wheat bread in the other, I suddenly remembered that I had to have on my person a touch of red. 

I certainly could not start dressing-up all over again (especially when there was a power outage) so I just dug out this long necklace (do you remember my Inglot post? I got this along with the Inglot products)

28 Days of Red - Day 7 'Nouba No7 Review'

You all remember this picture way back in November last year right? It was from Chychy's wedding trial shoot and I promised to do a picture review of the lip product on the page. Well, I didn't and now my sins have come back to bite me, lol.
There is no way this series will be complete without reviewing this product.

28 Days of Red - Day 6 'What will it be?'

It has been a while since I wore this vintage blouse I got in January so I have paired it for work with these black high waist pants and black Max pumps. 
In a perfect world, this combo would be all wrong..............

28 Days of Red - Day 5 'Gifty's Daughter Travel Brush Set Review'

I have never being one to sit down at the end of the day or even during the day to touch up my makeup; hence one wonders why I have travel brushes anywhere near me. Well, I use them for my personal makeup application.
To be truthful, I am easily wearied of daily makeup application and when I have to, I look for ways to shorten it. Here comes in the travel brush sets with not more than 6 brushes in each set.

I am opportune to have today the Gifty's Daughter Travel brush set for review.
I love the rubber plastic packaging of the brushes

28 Days of Red - Day 4 'Red Tint FOTD'

Hello everyone,
It is monday and this is the most serious day of the week. That does not in anyway mean that we can't wear makeup to work does it? NO!

I would like to introduce you to the star of today's show
BM|Pro 700 eyeshadow
I got this eyeshadow at the BM|Pro Ikeja studio launch 2 years ago and just couldn't get it to work as a vibrant red eyeshadow. I then found another use for it.....as a blush. And it has been my favourite blush for more than a year now.
It is perfect as a matte blush, pigmented and is buildable if you are going for "red cheeks", lol.

28 Days of Red - Day 3 'Nails & Tools'

There is a difference between having red as one of your brand colours and including red in your packaging design. Unfortunately, quite a number of the Nigerian brands I have reviewed here are in the former category and so will not heavily feature in this series with the exception of their 'red' coloured products.

I know there are a couple of brands with red packaging but I will be using the ones I have (thankfully Nigerian. You all know how pro-Nigerian I am).

Here they are

28 Days of Red - Day 2 'The Accessories'

Accessories are known to either make or break an outfit. Thus, making them an integral aspect of the fashion styling process. Knowing that I am not one to indulge in anything fashion related (for fear of falling flat on my face, lol), I will be working with these by themselves or with solid colours.
Maybe, just maybe, after this dive my sense of style will get to an all time high *fingers crossed*

Here are some of the accessories I will be featuring

28 Days of Red - Day 1 'The Makeup'

Hello guys,
We will be bagging "Barbara's Weekly Recap" for a while so there will be none today (don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest though because I have a lot going on there too)

It is day 1 of the series but ....... for the first 3 days of the series, I will be sharing with you some of the products, pictures & items that will be featuring this month in FOTDs, Valentine Day looks/makeovers, Fashion & style ideas etc.

Coming first, is the makeup.

Now we have to come to a compromise as I can absolutely not do 28 whole days with makeup on. Shocking right? I know. So I will be having a few guests on the blog 'with makeup on' within the 28 days .

Here are some of the products: