Product Review: Urban Decay Cream Shadow in ‘Moonshine’

Is there a man in the moon? Every night of the full moon, I strain my eyes to watch and see but …..

This is the very second UD product I have ever owned. The first being UDPP which I was (and still am) not very happy with. This means that it took a lot for me to purchase this product. From the first swatch though, it seems to have potential.

28 Days of Red Series & Contest

Facebook fans and followers must have heard enough about this series/contest by now, lol.

I am however proud to announce the very first Barbara & 1923 series & contest.
This series is to celebrate the month of February which is regarded all over the world as the month of love; which in turn is usually represented by the colour red.
I will be showcasing 'something red' every day of the month of February. This will be in different forms of course ie. makeup, accessories, clothes etc.
That concludes the series aspect.

On to more interesting stuff. I am partnering with Banke Meshida of BMPro for the contest and the winner will win N50,000 WORTH OF BMPRO PRODUCTS. Now that is huge.
All you have to do to be eligible for the contest is 
1. Submit a makeup look (on yourself or anyone. Not professionally shot please) using at least 2 BMPro products, 5 times in the month of February (any 5 days of your choice). These will be posted in the Barbara & 1923 contest album.
2. The makeup look should be sent along with a picture of all the products used to achieve it.
3. Be a fan of both the BMPro and Barbara & 1923 facebook pages
4. Be a follower of the Barbara & 1923 blog

All the looks will be published here on the blog.
Voting will be conducted on facebook (via number of interactions when I publish your submission on the page) and here on the blog via number of comments under the post with your submission.

This contest is open to Nigeria residents only.
I wish everyone the best.

*Terms & conditions apply

Weekend Blues & 1923 Face of the Day

Hello everyone,
I apologise for not having a birthday post to share with you. It was actually spent just chilling and doing nothing with the family.
Thank you for all my birthday wishes *muah*

Today, I am going to be uploading a compound post ie. Weekend Blues and a FOTD. 

All my Instagram followers heard about the wedding I was invited  to in the 2nd week of January as I was posting pics of all my shopping choices and finds. Well, the wedding finally came and went and I will be sharing the pictures in this post.

Barbara's Weekly Recap

Hello everyone, it is friday again and time for my weekly recap.

First of all, TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! And I got awesome news at work today (talk about the perfect birthday eve present, lol). So I am double amped about tomorrow. To GOD be all the Glory and Praise for me and my life.

So back to today's recap post
- I got 3 new followers on Pinterest and so much interaction with my pins I have to search out a Pinterest re-pin & like counter to get the exact stats.
2 pins however made it to the top of the list as in a space of 8 days & less they have between them garnered over 100 repins and almost 30 likes

Product Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Silky Glam Quad in ‘Bronze Drama’

Shimmer, shimmer, sparkle, sparkle, golden hues before my eyes

My very first youtube videos, incidentally, were the Maybelline Eye Studio series on how to use both the powder and crème palettes. So you know that I could not resist getting this the very first time I saw it here in Nigeria.

One thing I do remember from the Maybelline videos is all the chrome reflection in them and I must say that I experienced that too while taking pictures of this product (wonder why I didn’t include chrome into the intro verse to this post)

For the Love of Pearls

How I wish that pearls didn’t have to be made by Oysters, Oh the joy I would feel with each find of an imperfect new one.
Yes I know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but who said she could not have another best friend …. called Pearls.

It has taken me a long time to get to this point. From being a hand accessories addict to silver to gold and then beads, simple studs and now pearls. I must say that each new phase has been unique in it’s own way. None however, has made me feel more elegant and classy than this new phase.

Product Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in ‘Red Revival’

And who said that a woman without a red lipstick is not powerful? I did!

It is no news that the woman who can carry off a red lipstick is indeed a woman with a lot of self confidence and who thinks highly of herself. Even without trying it on, this is how I felt when I saw this lippie on and I just had to get it.

1923 Face of the Day: Red wings with Nouba

When I hear Red Wings, I think wings of fire. What do you think?
I have had this Nouba eyeshadow duo for a really long time now but have never used it. After the stint on New Year eve with glitter, I decided that perhaps my first FOTD for 2013 should be a slight glitter look as well (shame that all the glitter in the eyeshadow ended up on my cheeks though)

My Hair: Faux Bun

A woman's hair, is her crowning glory; A gift from God, to be kept pure and true

I totally believe that I have been given a lot of hair by God because He knew that I could take care of it.
It is a shame that it has taken me this long to realise this but now that I have, I intend to keep it that way.

After over 20 years of having relaxed hair, I decided in February 2012 to go natural. After 10 months, I must say that this has been an adventure.

After loosing my 4th braids (I have the 5th one on now), I decided to chop off all traces of relaxed hair and try out a faux bun.
This is how it turned out.

Barbara's Weekly Recap

Hello everyone, friday is here again and it is time for my weekly recap.

- I got 12 new followers on Pinterest and I am really hyped about it. At first my Pinterest account started with no engagement from my followers but in the last 2 months there has been more and more engagement and this just goes to show that consistency is key in social media.

If you all want to know what it takes to choose truly engaging pictures on Pinterest, please let me know in the comments or on my FB page.

- On Instagram, I have had my own share of a couple new followers but mainly I am still feeling my way around the platform and getting hooked on taking pictures and instantly sharing to Instagram. I have had to mentally stop myself from sharing pictures there a couple of times this week, lol.

Well here is my week on Instagram:

Product Review: Fashion Fair True Finish Refining Mineral Foundation

The true worth of a metal can mostly only be determined after refinement.

In the same vein as the above verse, I present to you the Fashion Fair Refining Mineral Foundations (not all of them of course, lol)

How to Prepare for a Photoshoot

Nothing comes from nothing, and nothing ever could ….. – Sound of Music
There is a saying that If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In other words, preparation is key in everything.

I am by no means the best at getting ready for a photoshoot and I have forgotten or neglected some aspects of the preparation process in the meantime. But that does not in anyway mean that I have not learnt some valuable lessons along the way. 

I would love to share some of these lessons with you (and also read some of the lessons you have also learnt along the way).

1923 Face of the Day: A New Year Eve's Try with Glitter

I stood on the verge of something great. I didn't know it neither could I understand it

Everyone does a New Year's eve look every once in a while. It is usually a glitter look and last I recall, I have 3 different pots of glitter. Hey, I decided to do a glitter look too on New Year's eve ....... and of course it had to be a glitter one too.
what I used - New Eve cosmetics palette, Fashion Fair True Finish foundation, Zaron eyeshadow duo, Avon lipgloss, Great Lash mascara, MAC lipgloss, Blush Beauty loose powder, Urban Decay cream eyeshadow and a no-name glitter liner

How To Dress To Work? Not Exactly

OMG, work resumed on the 7th of January after a lifetime of vacationing (it was actually just 2 weeks but felt like a lifetime) and once again I had to go through the ardous task of waking up every morning wondering what to wear.

Well, on the first 2 days, I went with a bit of vintage style. I managed to take some 'not so clear pictures' (still trying to get the hang of taking pretty pictures through the mirror).
The red vintage blouse I got from Elsie Vintage styled with a half up-do, red lips and my signature natural smokey eyes

And the Feet Speak, What do they say?

Step to the left, step to the right, spin around and bring it …… - R. Kelly

Just to ease your mind, my feet didn't actually speak, but you knew that right?

After the picture, the intro verse and the first line of this post you are probably wondering 'What the heck?' But I sure got your attention and that's fine by me.
I went out and got myself some shoes. It is something we all do every other day but not me. I am as frugal as they come so 3 pairs was a lot.

Weekend Blues - Elsie Vintage + Ariaba Shopping Event

The first weekend of 2013, Funke of Gifty's Daughter was in town and we went out together to the Elsie Vintage + Ariaba Shopping event which I had heard about on twitter.

Barbara's Weekly Recap

It's TGIF today, yaaay!
In this new year, there will be a recap of everything I do on Instagram, Pinterest and all my other  visually led social media platforms every friday.

I just joined Instagram over the holiday and so far I am absolutely loving it. So today I will be sharing my week on Instagram.

Product Review: Benefit Hello Flawless Brightening Makeup

Darkness cast out, light welcome, all gloom, gone for always.

This is how I always feel when a blemish is covered or a spot is concealed or dark under eyes brightened.
The third is however one of the most sought after nowadays and that is where this product comes in.
Hello Flawless!

Product Review: MAC Pigments in Swish & Dark Knight

The night is dark and all we can see is the light from the moon.

This review is long overdue and this is entirely my fault. For this I sincerely apologise.
These are actually some products left over from the ones Abi sent to me (click here). I promise to get over with them as soon as possible.

I Got A Zuca!!

There is nothing else to say apart from
A beautiful, fire engine red Zuca Pro box.
It is a beauty and the crappy pictures here do not do it justice at all.
This is actually the first thing I got from Funke in December. The others were addendums to it, lol.
What huge investment did you make in December?

Gifty's Daughter December haul

Image is Everything!

Spending money I must say is not one thing I am very good at.
This is however false in the case of makeup as I am aware of my weakness for it.

In December, I treated myself to a makeup haul from my dear friend Funke of Gifty's Daughter (who I might add is the Nigeria distributor for Fashion Fair cosmetics). She always does a 50% discount sale in December and I took advantage of it.

This is what I got
Fashion Fair foundies and powder, A cuff palette, Black Radiance mosaic pink blush and Ruby Kisses eye shadow duo.
the towel was thrown into the package
Please visit my FB fan page to comment on how you would like me to review these products.

There is one item I have omitted from here though and I will be sure to show it to you in my next post. I am thoroughly in love with it.

Product Review: New Eve Cosmetics

Colours are brighter when the mind is open - Adriana Alarcon

Weird post intro you might say but it certainly is the truth.
As humans we tend to judge from sight and not from knowledge. Thank goodness I had no choice with this but to check it out. Now I can judge from knowledge and not sight.

Do You Need To Change Your Perspective?

Today is going to make it exactly two years and seven months since I started my blog and a year, four months since I became active on it with the publishing of A New Lease of Life. It has been a really long journey and I must say that it has been exhilarating, profoundly tasking and mind-blowing to say the least.

It would have been weird if I said I had not learnt anything and even more so if you didn't notice any of the learnings in my posts and various other articles across the internet.
All in all, a post I read on IFB as I type this, has made a huge impact on me I have decided to use it as the inspiration for my first blog post in the year 2013.

So I ask - Do you need to change your perspective? About life, God, work, family, money, even yourself. Mine has changed and has all but gone through a complete turn-around. I have learnt that there is more to life than meets the eye and that whatever improvements and successes I want to encounter in life have to start from me first. I have to thoroughly invest in my personal growth to experience any form of positive change in the other areas of my life. I am therefore devoting my time, energy and resources to ensuring continuous personal growth in my life. Instead of waiting for change to come to me, I am running towards it like David towards Goliath.

In saying this, I also want you my lovely fans and readers to expect a turn around. Not necessarily in content but also in the method of delivery. In writing some of my new posts, I have literally felt a bubble of excitement and anticipation. A question I had ignored before has now been answered and I am so happy about it I could dance on the expressway with no shame. 

I proudly say that Yes, if I was a follower of my blog, I would look forward to my posts and love reading them.

I say 
and welcome to a wonderfully new lease of life.

Love, Barbara