Music Meets Runway 2013 | Through My Eyes

Hello lovelies,
A very Merry Christmas to you all.

I am sure you all have been wondering where I have been and what I have been up to. Well, I recently got a position with Spice TV (DSTV Channel 192) as an Associate Producer in charge of Beauty. It has been gruelling but also loads of fun.

I have loads of pictures from my very first outing with the team, which was the Johnnie Walker 'Drive of a Lifetime' event. However, I will start with the most recent one - Music Meets Runway 2013. 

With an ALL ACCESS pass, we literally had the run of the place and could go anywhere we wanted. We did short backstage interviews with the makeup & hair keys, took some clips of the clothes and models before they went on stage, private interviews with some of the artists and designers and clips of the rehearsals way before the event began.

Product Review: 'New' Asta Gel Liners

Hello lovelies,
After the HOT Beauty Bruncheon event, we got a surprise from Gbemi of Hegai & Esther as she gave us gel liners from the new Asta shades. I got 3 of the shades and after my Week with Asta series, this is a quick review of the liners

My Hair & Elsie Vintage in 'Vintage Bun'

Hello lovelies,

My hair in a bun and a flirty vintage skirt are an absolutely gorgeous pair.
I decided not to fuss with my makeup and settled for a smokey line around my eyes with a slight hint of pink (which came from my blush). I had just loosened my hair from corn-rows hence the straight look.

p.s. this is how I always achieve a stretched look for my hair. In the almost 2 years I have had my natural kinky hair, I have not used any heat or stretching tools on it.

(1923|Guest|Post) 2014's Vintage & Leather Fashion Trends

The protagonists of 2014’s trends will be two and will be huge: vintage style and leather. 
Vintage is one of those fashion trends that, even though old, are never truly old. Some of the best pieces of vintage can be found at the bottom of our closets, pawn shops and second hand accessories in free-classifieds sites, not to mention leather accessories! That’s why it won’t only be particularly easy to find things we like and that suit us, but it will be a trend that will also allow us to keep it cheap. This is also because this year’s vintage will be a little “less vintage” than in the past years, as it will refer especially to the ‘90s. These are some of my personal favourites of this season’s together with some tips on how to wear them for various occasions!
  • The Bib Tops - extremely nineties, extremely simple, extremely fashionable! Small straps/long flowy sleeves, most with trapezoidal or embellished neckline and cropped hem. Put on one and you’re ready to go. Depending on the fabric used, these can be worn as formal wear – to the office and meetings; or as informal wear – with denim or just a casual outing.
Vintage & mint
a Victorian style, chiffon bib blouse styled for the office and an after-work cocktail event.

FOTD using Magnolia Makeup pigments in Shero & Sublime and Infinity Palette

This post has been a long time coming. I have posted bits and pieces of it on Instagram, on Facebook & on Twitter but have not been able to put together a full post with the different sides to this look.

Well, here it is.
My first look using the Magnolia pigments and Infinity palette I received from dear Funke aka Madam Gifty

House of Tara Beauty Bruncheon Goodies - High Shine Lip Stain & Mineral Blush

Hello lovelies,
Remember the House of Tara Beauty Bruncheon? We got our goodie bags a couple days after the event and we were not disappointed at all.
(my sincere apologies on the quality of the images)

FOTD: It's a Blue-Pink Kinda Day

Hello lovelies,
Every time I feel like breaking away from my normal look of just BB cream, blush, mascara and lip balm; I usually end up with either a smokey eye or a less than perfect complicated eye look.
This time around, I went for a cross in-between ie. simple + colour and I ended up with this.

I wanted to use one palette, different colours and a complimentary colour to the earrings from Glitter Bug. I had on a cream coloured chiffon top so could pretty much play around with any colour I wanted.

The House of Tara Beauty Bruncheon

Hello lovelies,
Sometime last week, I was at the House of Tara Beauty Bruncheon. This was an event organised by HOTI for members of the Beauty & Lifestyle industry - beauty professionals and the media.

At the event, Tara made a speech with 2 words as the mainstay Conversation & Collaboration. She said that these are 2 things that makeup artists should learn to do as it will form the bedrock of a stronger and longer lasting industry in Nigeria.

2 of my favourite makeup bloggers Stella of Stella's Addiction and Yemisi Dada of Misykona have published posts on the event with pictures. I couldn't take any pictures of my own due to the fact that Samsung is yet to fix up my device. However, I got some really great pictures which are up everywhere (Bellanaija included)

Instead of putting up the same pictures, I will just share some pictures I showed up in
Miss Wendy (my teacher when I was at HOT. It was wonderful to see her after so many years and she looked really beautiful) and I with Bimpe Onakoya's bouquet which I was famzin

MUSIC MEETS RUNWAY (MMR) 2013 Unveils Iconic Designers & Artists

Music Meets Runway is right around the corner and this year I am praying that Ono Bello has a Special Blogger Invite with my name on it. I am very willing to use my outstanding casual leave days to attend *grin*

FOTD: Happy Independence Day Nigeria

Hello lovelies,
Every once in  while I get the urge to go along with the rest of the world and do a look that represents something. What usually happens after this is - I either upload the look immediately and celebrate with the rest of the world or leave the picture until months later when the world has forgotten, lol.
I guess the second is what happened to this look I did for Nigeria's Independence Day. In my defense though, I posted this look on Instagram in time for Independence Day *wink*

I decided to use some of my very rarely used products and it really felt nice using them and seeing the outcome once again.

Sleek iDivine Original Bronzed Sunday + Pictorial

Hello lovelies,
Happy New Week. I have been very lazy and not blogging at all even though I have loads of new content to share with you *shame on me*

Today, I am showing you a look I did with just 2 eyeshadow colours. Contrary to popular opinion, two eye colours (and even one) is more than enough to create a lovely eye look. Here I used just the bronze and black shades in the Sleek iDivine Original palette.

My Hair: Freestyle Pompadour

Needless to say, I am one of the laziest carriers of Natural hair in the world (believe it or not). I usually just have my hair up in a bun and that's that.

I figured that the least I could do was to make better use of my hair pins (instead of just for bantu twistouts) and was inspired to do a pompadour kind of style. It didn't quite come out the way I had hoped but I think it still looked good.

Blue Exaggerated Cut Crease with Sleek Makeup & Inglot + Pictorial

LOL, I must be going crazy right?
Hahahah, I am actually not but the thought of doing something crazy this one time really gave me a high. I even posted a picture on my Facebook page about it which you can view here

I had my Sleek Original iDivine palette in hand and figured that there were a couple of colours in there I hadn't ever used. Out came my brushes and I created this ever so crazy look. I must say that it is the most daring I have ever done. Hoping I'm making it look cool.

Bright Pink Ombre Lips FOTD for Breast Cancer Month

Right under my nose the month of October, universally known as Breast Cancer Awareness (or the month of the Pink ribbon) is almost over and I am yet to publish a post about it. Shame on me.

I did this look over 2 weeks ago but between editing the pictures, uploading and then handling several online campaigns at work, I have been unable to type out the post. Had to quickly rush over and get that done before October ends.

For this look, I wanted the lips to be the focus. I didn't know they would end up so bright but when I was done and saw them, I fell in love with them and wouldn't have toned the colour down for the world. I love the fact that it is different unlike most October themed looks which have more subtle pinks in them.

Sleek Studio Skincare Range Review

Skincare is something I unconsciously take for granted a lot of the time. Don't get me wrong, I love cosmetic products and use them a lot, my taking it for granted means I am constantly at the whim of a new or different product. Month one - this, month 2 - that, month 3 - the other.

Nwayz, all this has come to an end (hoping I don't get tired and go back to good ole Pears or something off like that) with the gratis skincare range I received from Sleek Studio.
For the amount of research and work that went into the production of this range, let us just say that in order not to embarrass myself, I keeled over in my head when I knew how much each product/the entire range cost.
Lightening range, Exfoliating range, A Stroke of Lightening and a Dab of Lightening

Orange is the New Black! How To Wear the Warm & Bright Colour on your Lips

So it seems that “Orange is the New Black” (A Netflix series) predicted the outcome of the new trend of the colour orange actually replacing black at New York Fashion Week. And it came true! Who would have thought that such a warm & vibrant colour can replace the somber authority and class of black.

With black being an all round favourite, we begged to differ when in December 2011 Tangerine Tango (a variant of the Orange colour) was named the Colour of the Year for 2012. As beauty fanatics, it would’ve been expected that we would welcome this colour that screams vitality, urgency, strength and an overwhelming hint of encouragement with open arms. But “oh no we didn’t”.

2012 came round and a bit of spice and zest was needed. The universe knew that and gave us this variant of the orange colour which came with vibrance and brightness and spiced 2012 up with loads of good cheer. It helped us overcome our slump, became a fad and is now an enduring trend.

Nothing makes us happier than trying colours on our skin and the best part is orange is beautiful against our dark skin.

How can you rock orange? Well, the best way to rock this look is to pair an orange lip colour with gorgeous, illumine-scent skin. Hey, matte skin is out and glowy, dewy skin is in so that absolutely works for us.

Like everything, steps are needed to  get the vibrant pulsing colour to work for us. Here are the steps and my favourite products to get the look:
  1. To get beautiful dewy skin, use the new Fashion Fair True Finish Mineral Foundation which is infused with colour adjusting technology thus ensuring a perfect skin match.
  2. Fashion Fair creamy concealer trio should then be patted on the under-eye area to conceal darkness and make it brighter. This concealer is perfect because the different shades can be customized to suit individual complexions.
  3. Then, sweep Bobbi Brown matte bronzer on relative areas to contour the face.
  4. Skip the powder; instead load up on Bobbi Brown shimmer brick applied to strategic points on the face like the forehead, temples of the cheeks etc.
  5. For the lips, the beautiful orange pout can be achieved with a variety of products. You can never go wrong with the Sephora + Pantone Universe Colour of the year crème lipstick. With it’s creamy even texture, it is perfect for a Tangerine Pout. For a more subdued orange pout, theKhuraira Diva lipstick is perfect.
Watch International celebrity makeup artist – Lisa Eldridge show us how to work the orange lip on African skin.


Make-Up Tips ’n’ Tricks: How To Highlight Your Face

The art of highlighting is a very delicate process. It involves bringing forward some parts of the face thereby creating planes and contours.  Too much grammar, why don’t I just show you what highlighting alone can do for the face.  
It gives the face a three dimensional feel and glow thus making it fuller and definitely more attractive.  Ways to highlight, where to highlight and what to highlight with???  Here goes:

Ways To Highlight – there are different ways you can highlight the face. You can apply it directly to the skin before makeup is done, mixed with moisturizer or even foundation and even after makeup application. 
Where To Highlight – the easiest way to know where to highlight is to stand outside on a bright day, face the direction of the sun and check where the light hits. You will notice that these are the specific areas middle of the forehead, eyebrow bone, bridge of the nose, upper cheek bones, cupid’s bow of the lips and jaw. 
What To Highlight With – you can use either crème, liquid or powder products. I personally use powder products because I highlight when I am done but cream or liquid products are usually the best as they are absorbed into the skin and so do not look unnatural. Powder products however need to be blended very well but still, in some cases, sit on the skin and still look a bit unnatural especially when the shimmer granules are large.  

Be sure to try highlighting your face sometime and see the difference that will make.  

*Extra tip – a simple trick to open up the eyes is to apply a highlighting product in the inner tear duct area of the eye. A white shimmer product will also do though. 

Face of the Day: Black Smoke & Green with Asta

OMG, I still have this post in my drafts, lol (shame on me really and truly).
This is the look I had on for the Apples & Oranges Natural Hair event.
This event was right after my Hegai & Esther Asta Gel Liner week so I was still in the mood to use the same products I had used during the week.

I had wanted to do a really dark, goth, black smokey eye using Onyx but I couldn't because of work. I decided to do an upper smokey eye look with it for the event though.

Make-Up Tips ’n' Tricks: Banishing Dark circles Around The Eyes

Am I the only one who has dark circles around the eyes? I guess not because whenever I see bad makeup, I see quite a reasonable amount of racoon eyes peeping out.You really don’t need to have a full-on face of makeup to get rid of dark circle. All you need is your ring finger and a creamy concealer either in your exact skin shade or one shade lighter.
Using your ring or pinky finger, apply light dots of the concealer on your under-eye area and blend. Depending on the exact coverage you want, you can leave it at that and or apply a little more concealer remembering to blend out the edges properly.

Some people get the concealer part right which is great but then they end up with cracked concealer eyes which is worse than racoon eyes. This can be forestalled and banished entirely by applying a generous amount of loose powder directly onto the concealed area, leave to settle for a bit and then brush off the excess. This ensures no cracks and no greasiness in that area. Trust me, it works.
You didn’t ask but I will still say, I prefer using a concealer shade lighter than the exact skin shade because of the highlighting effect it has on the face after application.
We shall discuss that in the next post.

Face of the Day: Sleek Sparkle Pink + Pictorial

Hello lovelies,
I am trying to incorporate something new into my FOTD posts, I look forward to your comments on whether it works or not.

For this look, I wanted to use the Sleek iDivine Sparkle palette. All the shadows in it are sparkly and I wanted to give it a go. I must say thought that I am not adept at using part sparkly eyeshadows because all teh sparkle ended up on my cheeks leaving my eyes looking matte, lol.
used the Nokia Lumia 920 for this picture. Love the way my bun looks. Loaded it up with activator gel before taking the pic.

My Hair: Bantu Twistouts

Hello lovelies,
this is just a quick hair post.
Remember the first time I tried Bantu Twistouts? if you don't, check this post.
it wasn't a disaster, but at the same time, it wasn't what I had hoped for.

My hair was still damp from the night before in this post but I had to take them down because of work so they weren't perfect.
I re-did the bantu knot twists the second night, on dry hair this time.
This is what they looked like when I took them down in the morning
and I fell completely in love with bantu twist-outs from this day on.

Do you have kinky, curly natural hair too? What is your favourite style to have them in?

Fall Beauty Favourites

Autumn, even though it is one of the seasons we don’t experience in Nigeria, remains my favourite time of year. This is due to the dark and rustic nature of the prevailing colours of the season – from black and browns to grey, taupe, even red and mustard yellow. But the call of Autumn remains.

Colored sparkly eyes, flicked liner and a burgundy lip is my all time fall look.
I have my favorite products I use to achieve this look. Even though I only wield them on special occasions, I would love to share them with you:

1.    Strange as it may seem, I like to have a layer of MAC Fix+ on my face prior to applying my foundation right after my moisturizer. It gives me the feeling of having moisture locked into my skin and is great for that dewy, natural skin foundation look.

2.   So I love glistening, glowing, healthy skin – sue me.
The Smashbox BB cream provides a light layer of moisturizing and mineral suffused coverage while also protecting from the UV rays which are almost not felt during fall (remember when we say sunscreen should be worn all year round? We meant it)

3.   I have been known to use stick or crème-to-powder foundation in place of concealer under my eyes. For the light concealer texture we need for fall, this is your go-to product. Just warm a little of Mary Kay Concealer between the pads of your fingers and apply under your eyes and anywhere else in a tapping motion.

4.   In fall, I like to substitute blush for highlight on the cheeks. I love liquid highlighter and my favorite to use is Benefit High Beam.
      Using the ring finger, lightly dab a drop of High Beam on the upper cheeks right after foundation and concealer and watch it dissolve into the skin.

5.   For eyeshadows, the Bobbi Brown Chocolate and Laura Mercier Merlot are perfect eye companions for fall. Matte and packed with enough pigment to enable you use them on your face too as contour and blush respectively.
Pair either of them with the Bobbi Brown Chrome eyeshadow in Silver for a light, coloured sparkle on the eyes.

6.   Creamy, long lasting, water-proof and easy to apply, the Asta gel liners are perfect for fall. Using the enclosed applicator, create feline lines to accompany your sparkly lids.

7.    I love volume for my lashes and this transcends seasons.
       Maybelline Colossal Volume mascara is my absolute favourite for full and glamorous lashes.

8.  The first burgundy lipstick in my makeup arsenal was the Bobbi Brown Merlot lipstick. I must admit that I fell in love with the packaging before the lipstick but when I got to the lipstick, it was love at first use. It is creamy, smooth, provides full coverage when applied in layers and is moisturizing. Hey, it is Laura Mercier afterall. If you want to go dark for fall, without going too dark, this is the perfect lippie.

9.   Lastly, for that next to nothing powdered look, I like to use the CRC (Camera ready Cosmetics) Loose Powder. It is scent free and so smooth it literally feels like air when applied with a large powder brush.
Using a small fluffy brush dabbed in the powder, lightly apply powder to the forehead, nose and chin area of the face.

My Hair|Face of the Day: Matte Bantu Braidouts using Sleek iDivine Palette

Hello lovelies,
So I tried to do 2 things at the same time in this post, I think it worked, I am not sure but I hope you think it worked out.

After watching several videos and reading several blogs, I finally decided to try a bantu twistout. The ends of my twists never stay put so I decided I might as well have a go at twisting them in and pinning them. I also wanted to try out my Sleek iDivine Supreme palette from the Shangri-La collection. This palette is made up of all matte shadows and I absolutely love that.

Don't want to be a spoiler but in the end the twist-outs really came out alright, I guess.

I really think I should just get a boat-load of scarves cos I usually end up using them for my hair one way or another (I have a scarf in my hair now, holding up a front mohawk braidout style *sigh*)

Face of the Day: Blue Asoebi

Hello lovelies,
A while back I shared a picture of me going to a wedding dressed in the below asoebi material. That was the only picture I took at the wedding and so I decided to wear that outfit again and take better pictures.

Why Eyeshadows?

So here I am, walking down the street of the estate and I look at people as I pass by. It is an improvement to note that a lot more ladies apply makeup more than in the early days and I see a myriad of colours, mixtures and techniques. Even when I go to the market, I see the traders trying to keep up with the trends in their own ‘eyeshadow color-jumbled way’ (I just came up with that).
So I ask myself, why eyeshadows?
Yes, it is true that it is on the eyes that we can be the most creative with makeup but there are also other parts of our face aren’t there?
In Inspiration matchI wrote about matching our makeup to our clothes. This however, is mostly done with eyeshadow in mind. There are other parts of our face that we can match (if we insist) and that is our cheeks and lips. If you want to go a little farther, you can match with your eyelashes as well Why create coloured mascara and say that it is only to be used for editorial and runway looks?
I say perfect foundation and concealer, well defined brows, tighlined lids, coloured mascara, blush and lipgloss for a day at the office. Amp it up for nighttime by applying a bright lipstick only and you are good to go.
The next time you are determined to match your makeup to your clothes, take a look at your collection, take a risk, and apply subtle purple blush instead of purple eyeshadow to match that gorgeous purple silk blouse you just got.

Glitter Bug!

One of the things I am absolutely crazy about, even though I have no patience for them especially when I am running late, are accessories. I especially love delicate pieces because they signify class, style and sophistication to me. But hey, that is just me speaking.

A friend of mine brought these over and wanted to know what I thought. I think they are lovely and the kind of pieces I would like to wear especially this delicate emerald/diamond piece below.

Hey guys, Just Checking

Hello lovelies,
In the midst of everything I have been up to and that has taken my time recently, I still love you all and miss updating the blog a lot. After a long hiatus, I whipped out the Sleek iDivine Original palette & a couple of lippies from my personal collection (I have them depotted so don't know names anymore).

Even though it was friday (and a while ago as can be seen from my cornrows aka. Apples & Oranges event) and I could pretty much wear what I wanted, I felt like wearing makeup that was pretty much off the casual look.

I am supposed to have a product review up today but decided to post this instead.
This post is pretty much just to check on you all and let you know I have missed you but I am working behind the scenes to get better.

'Barbara, the fashion blogger' alter ego

My very first encounter with the words 'alter ego' are so far back I can barely remember but I do remember the very first book I read about Schizophrenia. It was the Sidney Sheldon book - Tell Me Your Dreams

Little did I know that I would somewhat end up being a perfectly compartmentalized human, lol.

I am a shy young lady (nobody believes it), a makeup artist who tells everyone that there is a difference between beauty & fashion (which is my excuse for not having any personal style or dressing plainly). Thankfully I am not considered a creative at work and so get away with wearing black, browns and greys to work. I hate taking pictures in public (hence the makeup pictures taken in my house or on the balcony or outside at work but mainly when nobody is watching)

Meet my alter ego, she is bold, daring and not shy at all.
I hope you like her though.
She will be posting over on the Tumblr blog -; but I will make a little room for her here on the site.
I hope you like her

Magnolia Makeup, Inglot, Shadow Shields & more - Haul from Gifty's Daughter

Right after LMUF II, Funke of Gifty's Daughter gifted me with goodies she got from The Makeup Show
Magnolia makeup Infinity palette and pigments, Inglot lip paint, gel liners and a really nice short handled stippling brush.
During that same period, Michelle of Shadow Shields gifted me with a box of Shadow Shields (if you follow me on Instagram then you must have seen me playing around with these)

Inspiration Match

Why do we always have the urge to match our makeup to our clothes? Is it just a Nigerian thing or is it a global trend? There is nothing wrong with occasionally looking to our outfits for makeup inspiration but making it a daily routine can be very faux pas.
So where do you search for inspiration? Anywhere and everywhere.
Look around you, the sun, the colour of the walls in your house, your mood for the day, the grass on the lawn, your so gorgeous perfume, the food you eat for breakfast or the one you pack for lunch, the colour of your car or the scent of the air freshener. Inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere.
Knowledge of colours is also key to knowing which colours go together. Your outfit can be pink and you could decide to go for a blue smokey eye or purple eyeshadow or even a red lip or you can have on only pink blush and a nude lip for the day. The possibilities are endless.
You are also limiting yourself when you consider your outfit for the day as the only inspiration for your makeup.
Remember, limitations are only in the mind, even if the colours don’t match, rock it girl and people will admire you all day long. So work it with confidence and don’t be shy.