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21 Dec 2012

Yes pins, I made no mistake.
If you have checked my sidebar then you most definitely have seen the link to my Pinterest account.

Every week, Pinterest sends out a mail notifying account owners of their most popular pins for the week, inspirational boards they would like and top pins for the week too.

Well, I just got the mail about my top pins for the week and I would love to share them with you.
Yes, the year has almost ended but still, these are pins I have loved and others have loved with me too.
no week passes by without a notification about another like or re-pin of this image. I guess I can understand why though.
coincidence or what? this is my most reblogged post on Tumblr and has made it into  my most popular pin for last week
even though I am conservative by nature, nothing says I cannot appreciate the beautiful colours of nature. I have a board for this very purpose called Behold Nature's Wonders and this is one of the pins on it. Don't you just feel drawn?
I keep waiting for it to unfurl and something to come out of it. 
adorably cute
vintage circus. Can you beat that?
so I really need to loose more weight to fit into a skirt as super cute as this one and I am determined to (if anyone will volunteer to help out that is, lol)
a man and his beast
it is o. I just had to make this the board cover for my Random Quotes board.
this is what I will be doing in 2013 - improving and refining my own life, with God by my side and the prayers of those who love me upholding me.
What are your favourite pins for last week?
Remember to leave links to them when you leave your comment.


  1. Am on pinterest bt I vnt really gtn around 2 understandn it .hopeflyy ds new year I shall turn tnz aroundi l

    1. It is a treasure trove of visual inspiration. You really should get to understand it more next year and you will love it.


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