The expected 'Van Der Burgh Chocolaad' taste

I am on a diet! (I just wanted to get that out of the way)

But a friend of mine got this for me when he travelled and I have been fawning over it. Someone has the job of making sure I don't eat this but it has such a cute packaging I just had to show you all.
it is a Dutch brand of dark chocolate

How I Almost Got Lost in Lagos Island

Hello everyone,

So I have been very off and on and all about everywhere. Please be sure to holla at me via my facebook page or twitter handle next time I am MIA.

Now, on an unrelated topic, I took a trip to Lagos Island some time back. For those of us who can't afford to shop in boutiques, departmental stores and buy handmade collections, we go to Lagos Island market for good quality but affordable items. I wanted a handbag without having to cough out more than was reasonable so off i went to Lagos Island after getting my last set of braids done.
along the road


Breast Cancer awareness month is October but it is not surprising to see Breast Cancer charity events still hold in November.

Last saturday, a dear friend of mine Nory MUA and I worked at the FASHION FANTASIA BENEFIT FASHION SHOW & FUND RAISER EVENT for Breast and cervical Cancer awareness. It was a well organised event I must say and having being told the look to create, it was relatively easy for us to do our thing.
one of them was missing

Wedding 1923: Chichi Okiche

Makeup artists are usually requested to arrive early for a bridal party and that is exactly what I did on the day of Chychy's wedding. Well, she was surprised (some makeup artists are notorious for being late).

I had to wait quite a while before starting the makeup and then THE POWER WENT OUT.

1923 Photoshoot: Chychy's Wedding Trial

This is the first time I will be posting pictures from a wedding makeup trial. Most times, I either forget to take pictures, take horrible pictures, do the trial in the middle of the night (Tricia of the Mint Green and Gold Wedding post) or just simply do no trial (Nicky, the last 1923 bride. Check out the post of her look here)

This time, I not only have pictures of the trial makeup but a full photoshoot of the bride's (Chychy's) requested look for her wedding. She deserved it and Sarah and I were only too happy to make sure she looked beautiful on her special day.

Celebrating 'Chychy Okiche'

I know that some of you will be wondering who Chychy Okiche is.
Well, she is a dear friend who models for my shoots. For those of who are familiar with my work you must have seen a lot of her.
One of Chychy's facebook pictures
So she is getting married. I am really happy and excited for her (we did a trial/pre-wedding shoot for her last month and some of the pictures were shared on facebook). I am on my knees praying that her dear, darling husband will still let her model for me *sigh on that*

Bimpe Onakoya in Vanity Fair UK

You all know how really excited I get when a Nigerian makeup artist pushes the boundaries, is first in what they do and is recognised internationally.

Well, another has done it and it is our very own Bimpe Onakoya, celebrity makeup artist and one of Nigeria's finest (prior to becoming a makeup artist, I was familiar with her work). She was recently celebrated by Black Up at the opening of their International store in Ikeja Mall, Lagos.


Strategy Masterclass for Beauty Entrepreneurs with practical principles on beauty business practices and success modalities in Nigeria

(1923|Guest|Post) Afraid of the Bold and the Bright?

Lipstick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I thought really hard about this guest post, some would say too long and too hard.  I kept having conversations in my head, that this topic was much discussed, old and played out.  Then lo and behold there in a Makeup Artist Forum someone expressed their fear of wearing bright lipsticks!  I had an Eureka moment right then and there. Needless to say, it is not so irrelevant afterall.

Loving Filters

I have been away for so long and I know I rarely ever say anything about myself but I have been sick. A lot of you have been wondering if there is anything wrong with me and why I never say anything outside of makeup but that is going to change.

On a blogger forum I am part of I discovered Pixlr. One of the things it can help you do is to give your pictures filters and some other things (which Instagram is famous for). I don't have Instagram but have always loved the vintage feel of its pictures and so I was excited to try this out.
Chychy in the rain.
I don't know if any of you remember this shoot Am I Vixen? This picture is from there.
The effect makes her look like she is posing behind a window with rain falling.