Product Review: Santee Gold & Silver Pencils

19 Oct 2012

I got these just as I was about to leave the fair. The lashes were a gift from Yhewande of Beyond Faces, the gold and silver pencils beckoned to me from her stand as I looked for what to buy.
the lashes are still as they appear in the pic as I am yet to get the courage to poke my own eyes with falsies and glue, lol.
I have always been intrigued by coloured liners in my waterline and trying out gold and silver in them is no exception
As you will probably notice from the pictures, the shades of gold and silver are just a little bit darker than what we know them to be. So they are not the conventional bright, yellowish gold or whitish silver.
- Highly pigmented
- Creamy texture and so easily glides along the waterline.


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