Product Review: Blush Beauty - Liquid Foundation, Loose Powder & Lipsticks

It is way past the Nigerian Independence Day and being my Independence Day haul, this post is really late but it had to go on the queue along with my other product reviews.

Well, it is finally here though so I say let's go for it.

On Independence Day here in Nigeria - October 1; I received a 'Thank You' package from Blush Beauty and this is what was contained in the package
Liquid foundation, Loose Powder and 2 lipsticks

Product Review: INGLOT 2 Eyeshadow Freedom Square & Sleeks Lipgloss

For the first time ever, a friend of mine got me makeup as a gift. Considering that it is a male friend I must say that this endeared me more to him than ever and once again I say 'Thank you' to him.

Not only did he just buy me makeup, he got me Inglot, my very first Inglot makeup which made it all the more exciting.

Product Review: Santee Gold & Silver Pencils

I got these just as I was about to leave the fair. The lashes were a gift from Yhewande of Beyond Faces, the gold and silver pencils beckoned to me from her stand as I looked for what to buy.
the lashes are still as they appear in the pic as I am yet to get the courage to poke my own eyes with falsies and glue, lol.

Product Review: Wet n' Wild Comfort Zone Eyeshadow Palette

Even I must be hoarse after including my voice to that of those who have been giving rave reviews about all the Wet n' Wild palettes. However, I just must add my voice to theirs because these palettes are just gorgeous.
Wet n' Wild 8 colour palette in Comfort Zone. I was drawn to the greens and duo-tones in this palette and I must say that this is a very versatile palette which can be used to create a variety of looks from a neutral to smokey.

Product Review: Fashion Fair Cashmere Brown Lipstick

This post and this post are the closest I have ever come to using a bronze or chocolate colour on my lips. Well, I got another Fashion Fair goodie bag from Funke at the Fair and in it was this bronze-chocolate lipstick.

Product Review: NYX Nude & Pink Soft Matte Lip Cream

Ever since my mum took my Rocher nude l/s in exchange for an Estee Lauder light pink l/s, I have been on the prowl for the perfect nude lip colour. I was looking forward to finding the perfect nude at the fair and I made sure everyone who was going to have a stand there knew, lol.

Well, I got a nude lip colour and a light, baby pink lip colour (a colour I have just recently been craving) at the Gifty's Daughter stand.

You Know You Are Nigerian When ......

I stole this post off Jackie's blog. It is really funny and true in a way and I really wanted to share it with you all. You can find Jackie's original post here and I haven't tampered with it at all.

Believe me when I say this is really funny and if we Nigerians are true to ourselves, we will admit that for we here and even in Diaspora it is very true.

You know you are Nigerian:
  1. If your name is so long, or so hard to pronounce, that you either have some “Americanized” nickname, or you use your middle name (which is English). 
  2. If, you know what your name means. 
  3. If you know of anyone (including yourself) that has any of the following names: Ola, Sade, Bola, Tunji, Ngozi, Uche, Folake, Ifeoma, Tolu, Tunde, Obi, Chioma, Chituru, Chinyere, Adaobi, Nkemi, Nneka, Bunmi or Fatima 
  4. If, names like Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Patience, Peace, Blessing, God’s Will or Mercy sound pretty normal to you. 
  5. If, rice and stew just isn’t the same without plantain (dodo)

Product Review: BarryM Gold Eyeshadow Pencil

This brand launched in Nigeria at the fair courtesy of Monade Skincare. Having heard about it from foreign sites and reviews, I was looking forward to it. I was only able to get an eyeshadow pencil as that is what my budget allowed but I hope to be able to review more BarryM products as time goes by.

1923 Thought For the Day

A lot of the time I do tend to wonder what it is I have been placed in this world to do. What exactly is my destiny and have I been fulfilling it?

Especially recently, this question has plagued me. Remember my I WISH post?

I am doing so much and yet I am doing nothing. Is it just me who thinks that or is it the way the world perceives of the things I do or is that how things actually are? See, I have more questions than answers.

It is the middle of the night and my mind is wide awake, thinking, searching, looking for clues that I am on the right path and praying that a bright light shines from a direction to show that I am indeed on the right path.

No one can really give me an answer to that question right? I might as well get used to it. Only GOD can give me an answer; in His 'still small voice'. But I have to be calm and listen or else I won't hear what He is saying. I have to move away from the noise of the world and move closer to His voice.

Barbara be still and listen! Only then will you hear and only after hearing will you know for sure. So just be still.

1923 Asks: Joy Adenuga

For some of you, the name Joy Adenuga was unknown to you until she became the First Nigerian Makeup Artist to have her work featured in Vogue Italia (Photo Vogue).

I had the wonderful opportunity to be the first to ask her how such an achievement feels; and also to tell us a little about the shoot.
Here is my blog interview with Joy

Product Review: Arike Liquid Pen Liner & Eye Shadow

Believe it or not this was my first pen liquid liner. I absolutely love my gel and cream liners and usually apply wand liquid liners with an angled liner brush. This was a sure first and I was sincerely hoping that it wouldn't disappoint me.

Zaron Lagos Island Store Independence Launch

On the 1st of October, one of my fav Nigerian makeup brands - Zaron Makeup & Hair opened a new store in Lagos Island. Of course yours truly was there.
Located in the heart of Balogun market (for Lagosians), close to Kuddy Cosmetics and above the Sleek store; this new Zaron store is hard to miss.

Product Review: Prestige Liquid Ink Eyeliner

This was the very first product I purchased at the fair and I got this on a whim. As you all know I am not an overtly colourful person when it comes to makeup so I still wonder what made me turn to a bright, shimmery, turquoise liquid liner.
Prestige Liquid Liner

Lagos Makeup Fair Haul

This has been a really long time coming but if you are a fan of my facebook page you must have seen a picture of my haul. Well, this is it.
Individual reviews coming soon.

Gifty's Daughter Professional Brush Set Ad campaign

If you are a makeup artist in Nigeria you definitely must have heard of Gifty's Daughter. Owned by Funke Tonye Preghafi who has been in the makeup and beauty industry for over 10 years, Gifty's Daughter (though based in Port Harcourt) has become a destination point for professional makeup artists in Nigeria to find everything they need.

Well, this post is to give you a sneak peek into the upcoming advertising campaign for Gifty's Daughter professional makeup brush set.

Get The Look!

All over the world, people tune into youtube everyday to look at replica makeup looks of various Hollywood stars and divas all over the world. All over the world with the exception of Nigeria that is.

Well, that has come to an end with the Get The Look column on