Twitter Chat Transcript - #BarbaraChats with @Blushnigeria

Last week saturday - 22nd Sep. 2012, the first ever Nigerian Makeup/Beauty Industry Live Twitter Chat was held. Bola Fadina - owner of Blush Beauty ; a Lagos based brand focused on makeup and beauty was my guest.

We had a lot of participants and I must confess that I was overwhelmed by the participation. The 30 minutes earlier scheduled for the chat was over shot and the chat lasted for over an hour. I was in the store for the chat and took some pictures prior to the chat.
Me trying to make the chat a very formal affair, lol - my note, empty glass of water, phones and biro (i used the camera to take this picture)

TWITTER CHAT - #BarbaraChats with @Blushnigeria

I am super excited. I will be hosting my first Live Twitter chat tomorrow with Bola Fadina of Blush Beauty (check out her interview)
If you are on twitter at that time, please join in.

I will be doing live product reviews from the Blush store and Bola will be on hand to answer all and any questions about the brand.

See (or more like read you right? lol) you there

p.s. If you are unable to make the chat, don't worry because the transcript will be posted on my blog and chat stream pics will be posted to the Barbara & 1923 FB page

My Hair | Before the Braids

So my hair is in braids now. A relief I must say.
I am going to have them in braids until I can get suitable products for my natural hair (the ones I have caused me loads of acne on my arms, back and shoulders so I am not quite pleased about it)

Anyway, before I got the hair twisted into braids, here are some of the different styles I had it in (if you can call them styles that is)
the next time you see my natural curly hair, it will be devoid of its shiny ends.

The First Lagos Makeup Fair

It was the first Lagos makeup fair on the 8th of September and yours truly was there (why won't I be there?). Needless to say, it was a successful event.
My poor photography skills have once again being tested and I think i failed this one but I would still love to share the pictures I took with you (I am quite sure you will be able to differentiate the ones I took and the ones I have swapped from others, lol)

1923 Face of the Day: Plum Plum

I mentioned in my previous wedding post that I finally got to wear makeup to a gig. I loved it and I must say that I got quite a lot of respect from the Client and references were made to the way my makeup looked especially when I was doing the sister-of-the-bride's makeup.
I used that little plum sample lipgloss I got from Zaron a while ago

Nigerian Makeup Artist in Vogue

I am back with another PhotoVogue feature. Yes, by a Nigerian makeup artist and this time there are 2 pictures (can you beat that?) I daresay, Nigerian makeup artists are on a roll.

This time, the MUA is Lola Maja Okojevoh of Sacred Artistry.

(1923|Guest|Post) Simple Ways to Do Your Makeup At Home

No matter how much you are willing to spend to get the right look, sometimes your looks are proportional to the right use of items. You probably don’t know but there are many items that need your attention when it comes to makeup, and some of these essentials are right at your home. Whether you need the right lip stain or want to add a little softness to your skin, you can use some of the most common items in your kitchen or bathroom.

Here are a few items that can be found around your house that can offer you harmless homemade makeup.
Image Source:

How Have You Fared?

2012 has almost come to an end. We have 3 months to go till the end of the year. If you are like me, then you must have been doing some introspection and asking yourself if you have fared well this year.
So tell me if your journey has been straight on according to plan or did you turn at a curve? Will I need to remind you of your 2012 promise to yourself in December?

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Wedding 1923: Nicky Ibe

For the first time in ... ever I actually had makeup on going for a wedding gig (I am so happy with myself about that. Had to wake up 2 hours earlier than I needed just so I could get the makeup done to my satisfaction, lol). That will come in another post though but I just had to say it first.

Product Review: Tara Orekelewa Twist-up Black Pencil

Have you ever been in a black pencil rut? Then like me you have been searching for the perfect, multi-use black pencil too.

I have longed and longed for the pencil brand Maria Lihacheva of Apropo makeup uses (you need to check Maria out here) - Numeric Proof I believe it is called.
O well, if wishes were horses.....
I have found a Nigerian brand pencil that does the job pretty well and I am very proud of it.
I wish it came in different colours though.
I sure wish Tara is reading this and considering my wish, lol.
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First Nigerian Makeup Artist in Vogue

You cannot imagine my delight and excitement when I logged on to facebook last saturday and saw the link to this picture on Vogue. Vogue? Yes Vogue.

The best part is that the makeup artist credited for this picture is our dear Joy Adenuga. She is now the very first Nigerian makeup artist whose work is featured on PhotoVogue (visit her website and check out her gorgeous work)
Pause and explain Barbara *catching my breath*, lol.
For those of you who don't know, here is brief summation of what PhotoVogue is all about

If you are a photographer, or aspire to be one (and you are just starting out, even with just 2 or 3 photos) and you are looking for a space for your work to be considered, evaluated and enhanced, PhotoVogue is the place to be. This new section will enable you to upload on your photographs, that will be examined one by one and approved by our editorial staff. The best ones will be shown on a daily basis on PhotoVogue’s home page and the best three will be also published in the magazine.
*culled from (click for more info)

A big congratulations to Joy Adenuga from me and of course you bet that I will be doing an interview of her very soon.

P.S. kudos to the entire team (the stylist is also Nigerian - Ihunna Eberendu). Fantastic job.

Splash of Colour

I am simply awed sometimes by the fact that we Africans wear colour like a second skin. I mean that literally.
This is perfectly showcased in no other place than during traditional ceremonies.
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Laine Blogger Award

A couple of weeks ago I was in a blogging rut. I felt that perhaps all my work was in vain, I was not getting the audience and the people I desired to reach out to were nowhere to be found .... and then I got this award.
The best part of it was who it came from and that deepened the surprise even further.

My Experience with Nigeria's Online Fashion Superstore ''

Not one who is wont to decry past injustices, I however feel in this case that it would be an injustice to others to not relate my experience with this store

Nigeria's 'Best Beauty Blog' Award

To all fans, followers and readers of my blog, 

Thank you so much for your encouragement, for reading my posts, commenting, following and even just visiting my blog over the past 1 year.

Please I need your assistance
The Nigerian Blog Awards 2012 is here and nominations have begun.
And it would be a great honour to me to be recognised as the Best Nigerian Beauty Blog. Please send in your nominations by clicking the image above and following the nomination instructions or you could click on the Vote Barbara & 1923 as Nigeria's Best Beauty Blog widget and follow the nomination instructions.

Thank you so much for your support
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