1923 Face of the Day: Blue-Grey smokey eye?

Going through with my Coloured Smokey eye makeup, this is a dark blue/grey smokey eye kind of look, lol.

Same Sleek makeup base products.

I used the greyish-blue e/s in the Zaron Global Warming palette and added some depth by using the black in the palette on the outer corner of my crease. Black liner smudged at the lashline and mascara completed the look.

and NYX Candy shop l/g to finish off (i really have to wean myself off that lipgloss)

i look scary in this
It was a pretty basic, no fuss makeup look for work. It rained that day so I was wearing grey pants and a black long-sleeved top. Everyone at work loved the look and thought it was appropriate for such a gloomy dull day.

What do you think?

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Brush Review: Real Techniques Core Collection 2

I know i did a post about the Real Techniques makeup brushes a while back. See the post. But in my opinion that wasn't a review. I was too scared to properly use the brushes for makeup and so could not properly discern their strengths and weaknesses.

So this is my review of the Real Techniques Core Collection makeup brushes and the Stippling brush

this is my very favourite in the Core collection. When used to apply foundation it buffs it so well into the skin that it doesn't show but looks like .... skin. It also works really well with liquid, creme and even creme-to-powder foundation formulas as I have used it for all 3 at different times and the performance was the same.

I am a fan of buffing or patting in concealer and so i consider this brush too small and too rigid for me. I have however used it once for spot concealing but I mainly use it to apply cream products to the eyes; especially that tiny inner tear duct area of the eye. It is also a beautiful brush when used as for the lips. It is generally a really good detail brush.

Hmmmmm, I have not had cause to use this for foundation though and I fell flat on my face (figure of speech) when i once tried to use it to apply under-eye concealer. I ended up using a wedge to do that, lol. I am sure it is a really good brush but I am yet to use it for anything. 

This, I must confess, is the brush that made me stop using only angled brushes to contour the face and cheeks (covering face in shame). It is a beautiful contour brush and it also works well to apply setting powder under the eye or even highlighter on the cheekbones.

Between this and the buffing brush, I am yet to decide which i like best for applying liquid foundation. The first time I used it to apply my MK foundations, I swooned. It is a beautiful brush (ignore the fact that the bristles are unevenly cut; maybe it is just the one I got.) But it gets the job done beautifully.

I love these makeup brushes so much that I would be willing to buy another and even more of the Real Techniques makeup brushes if I could get find them easily.

If you have a different opinion from what I have written above or if you have used the foundation brush (I would love to know if you have), please be sure to comment below this post. i would really appreciate it.

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Product Review: Zaron Duos and Summer Fester

As you all remember, I got a goodie bag from Zaron Hair & Makeup a couple of weeks ago. You can check out the entire contents of the bag in this post.

Here is my review of the eye shadow trio and duos.

Eye shadow trio in Summer Fester
bright blue (i used this blue colour for this look), a dark gold and a line green colour.
They swatch beautifully but beware of fall out. To prevent this, use a tapping motion to apply the colours.
My favourite colour in this trio is the dark gold.
Eye shadow duos in Summer Sunset and Plum Rose
these are shimmer shadows with a satiny feel to them. fall-out is very minimal with these.
Do you remember my very first Zaron review post? You can check it out here, You will see the sample version of the Plum Rose duo (i am going to give this tester out very soon)
Do you have a different opinion of these products?

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1923 Face of the Day: It's a Plum Rose Day

This is just a quick and simple look I did on a friday morning while getting ready for work.

I used the same Sleek base products I have been using recently (actually looking for a Nigerian brand to try out because I noticed I have not reviewed many Nigerian face products. More of the coloured products going on)

Zaron brow definer kit and clear mascara to groom brows
Zaron Plum Rose duo e/s and a smokey blue colour from the GW palette
Orekelewa twist-up pencil in black
Maybelline Volum Express mascara in Glam Brown

A two-tone pinkish/purple l/p was used all over my lips
Zaron lip balm in Peach cobbler

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Product Review: Blush Eye Pencils and Minted Rose Lip Balm

All my twitter peeps remember that I tweeted some swatches over the weekend of Blush Beauty eye pencils and nude lippies (click them to see the tweets). I hadn't familiarized myself with the Blush pencils and lippies during all my visits there so it was a pleasant surprise to see such beautiful colours.

I was there over the weekend and I left with my very own pencils and a mint rose balm which knowing how much i love all things minty; will be my fav lip balm before the month is out. Thank you so much Bola *muah*

Diamondline pencil in Roseate, Pencil in Sun Kiss and Smith's Lip Balm in Minted Rose
I was soooooo tempted to put my finger in it when I first opened it. Thank God i was able to keep my hand in place until after the picture was taken.
I tried to see if the camera could pick up the vibrant colour and all the glitter but it couldn't *sad*. Be careful of the glitter particles when using to line the waterline. perfect to highlight the inner eye area.
I love the true orange colour of this pencil. Can't wait to try it out on my waterline. It has a creamy formulation and glides well.

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1923 Face of the Day: Just a random flicked eye

A couple of people have asked me about my eye brows. I wore this look to work recently (the makeup turned out nice in a randomly odd way) and decided to show it because I had nothing on my eye brows on this day.

im still wondering but last i remember i took these 2 pictures seperately.
sorry about the shadow
i actually just wanted a flicked pencil liner on my eyes but i made a mistake and so used a crease brush to smudge the liner and abracadabra.... this was what I came up with.
I am fortunate to be one of the few people who don't have to do much to grow their eye brows. All i have to do is leave it for a month or 2 and it is back to its bushy self (there are people who can't leave theirs for even a week though). All I have to do during this period is comb through it and it stays in place without looking too unruly.

What do you all think?

1923 Photoshoot: Accessories Splash (BTS)

I have been keeping this post under wraps because I wanted to show you all the pictures from the shoot but I have decided to put up the post even without the pictures.
It was a rainy day and I had to practically travel from my house to the photographer's studio. A bulky kit was not in the picture at all and so I had to find a way of compressing everything I wanted to carry.

I thus decided that instead of packing a lot of 'if' and 'maybe' products, I would carry 'most likely' products. I knew the model I was working with and this also helped to prune my skincare load. I knew the direction of the shoot and because of the rain i also knew there wouldn't be any time for experimentation with other situations.

Clockwise from top left pic - everything i packed for the shoot, the carryall I put them all in (you can spy my colour wheel in the bag. I take the wheel to every shoot because I am not very good with colours sometimes), all the eye and cheek colours I would be working with, my setup halfway through the shoot (not very impressive I must admit. The light went out halfway through the shoot) & the brushes (all carried in my Vortex brush belt), 
All washed and spread out to air dry.
We basically played around with loads of accessories for the first situation and some gorgeous MUFE pink lashes (everyone calls them butterfly lashes) for the second situation (the last collage of pictures).

Pictures from the one with the lashes have been uploaded to my FB fan page. Check them out here

Makeup: Barbara
Photography: Sarah
Model - Obehi
Styling: everyone, lol
Check out my FB fan page Barbara & 1923
and the rest of my work on my website

1923 Face of the Day: Distracting Blue

Ha, yes you all will see me looking a little bit less of myself. Actually with just foundation, powder and no smile. I actually had done all my contouring and highlighting in this picture though.

It was a saturday and I was a bit restless so I decided to do something i had never done before - play with makeup for no reason at all. Strange but I am constantly of the opinion that my face should breath every chance it gets especially due to the fact that my recent breakouts have not let up and so i can't go anywhere without makeup on *sigh*

So here is the look I played around with. I am not quite impressed with it. It goes to show that I am not yet able to successfully play with colour on myself especially when compared with the fact that I have no qualms about layering colour on others. 

I wanted to play around with some of the Zaron e/s that were a bit on the colourful side and which I would not be comfortable wearing to work (not that I can't though. Not just comfortable with).

I used Mary Kay 507 & 600 foundations, Sleek powders and the GW shimmer blush.

Zaron brow definer set
Zaron Summer Sunset duo set on my lid(i mixed both shades) and the Summer Fester trio (blue) under eye area.
Orekelewa twist-up pencil for my waterline and lashline
Zaron volumising mascara in black

Zaron Plum Rose l/g
me playing with the mirror
What do you all think? More work on my colour techniques right? I feel the same too