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23 Dec 2011

Lol, no i can't see the future so this isn't a post with a list of ALL my 2012 posts. It is a post on what my first blog posts for 2012 will be. Here goes:

(Please keep in mind that this list is totally random and is not arranged in any particular order)

Im starting with a list of all my outings and events for the end of the year and they are
- Zaron Tea party
- Blush Year end event
- Nigerian MUAs December get-together (Nigerian MUAs Lagos group members are having a get-together on the 27th of this month. The blog will be on a break then but you can be sure that i will be posting pics when it gets back in the New Year).
- 1923 Glitter looks for the season (im gonna try on some glitter, yayyy!)

And then i will proceed to carried over and new posts which will include:
- Fusion of Colour (courtesy of Kathy Hess Duncan): Haul & Review
- Fi.R (courtesy of Stephanie Fifi Rodriguez): Haul & Review
- Christmas Haul (all purchased during the Gifty's Daughter 50% December discount and other locations)
- 1923 Asks "Lola Maja Okojevoh of Sacred Lashes & Sacred Academy"
- 1923 Asks "Eni Lise Balogun of LISE"
- Product Review: Blush eyeshadow & blush
- Product Review: LISE 
- 1923 Face of the Day (with LISE): In the clear
- 1923 Face of the Day (with Blush): Dining in wine
- Zaron Haul 
- Lash Threading Course with Lash-On
- 1923 Asks "Olawunmi Damiro of Lash-On"
- 1923 Face of the Day: Going to Rio
- Brush Review: Real Techniques and Sigma
- 1923 Asks "Kemi Kings Imevbore Uwaga"
- Brush Review: MaryKay 5 piece brush set

This is the list so far. I also have a couple of surprise 1923 Asks series which i won't reveal now. if i do, it won't be a surprise anymore.

Well, coupled with all these I have a whole lot of work events planned for next year so im hoping there will be a healthy mix of work and makeup/beauty related posts.

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday ahead and Happy New Year in advance.

Don't be sad, you can still FF all my holiday activities on twitter  https://twitter.com/#!/piriye and on facebook https://www.facebook.com/barbsieO

Barbara & signature blog will be back in 2012.


  1. nice post!!!


  2. Sounds like you have a LOT planned for 2012. Great! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.

  3. @Glamorous girl, thanks a lot.
    @The Relentless Builder, o yes girl and as always I know you have my back and will continue to support me. Looking forward to meeting u in 2012. Hope u had a wonderful christmas.

  4. Now patiently waiting for the posts. Happy new year!

  5. @Chic Therapy †нªηкs and Happy New Year to Ɣ☺ΰ too.
    Facing some technical hoolabaloo with the internet and the strike aint helping at all.


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