1923 Asks "Bola Fadina of Blush Beauty"

7 Dec 2011

Barbara & 1923 blog is all about bringing you the latest and up to date info in the Nigerian makeup scene and i must say that there are a couple of people who make the industry happen. There are those who have been there before i even knew what makeup was all about and there are some new comers.

Blush beauty is one of the new comers and i have the honour of interviewing the brain behind it - Bola Fadina, in the very first of my 1923 Asks series.

So a very fun saturday began with a long anticipated formal visit to Blush. The ultimate beauty destination located on Tiamiyu Savage road in Victoria Island.
It looks divine. wouldn't mind setting up a jacuzzi in the midst of all the wonderful smells.
I sat and had a wonderful chat with the lovely Bola Fadina. Im sorry i dont have pictures of us together now, you bet im going to have one the next time i put up a Blush review post.

I first got a brief introduction into the life of Bola Fadina and thereby got to know that one way or the other, her path into the beauty business had been carved from whem she was a little girl growing up in a house full of women. She also had a very glamorous Grandma who was never without her perfectly kohl rimmed eyes.
For her mom, saturday was the day for beauty which was sacred and not to be disturbed.

This led to a knowledge of not just beauty but beauty products also - welcome The Body Shop and Bath & body works products. These are even modern, Bola was surrounded by vintage beauty products that are a rarity in this age and time. Living in England also fuelled this upbringing and imagine the frustration whenever she visited Nigeria and couldnt find a beauty boutique that catered to the needs of 'productnistas' like herself.

1923 Blog: Are you a makeup artist, an entrepreneur, a lover of makeup?

I am a productnista and yes i love all things beauty.

1923 Blog: Why the name Blush?

The rich lush vegetation of the west african sub-region and  also the need an all encompassing name brought to mind the name Lush. But Lush  is already used by a lot of brands. So on a whim the first alphabet of the name Bola was added and it became Blush. Thus, i got my Lush my name all in one word and an all encompassing name it is too.

Bola bakes beautifully well and im longing to attend a tea party she gives. so if you ever see Blush Bakes, just know she has expanded from the beauty business, lol. Hey... and you heard it here first.

1923 Blog: What is Blush Beauty all about?

A saloon, makeup and beauty boutique all in one. You can wake up at home, pack your outfit for that gorgeous outing and head out to the Blush boutique. You get your hair done, your nails done, your makeup done and you also get to have your favourite aromatic oils on after which you step into your clothes and you are good to go.
The row of beauty and haircare products on offer at Blush Beauty
A need and desire to introduce some of the world's best spa range of products which are organic, all natural and aromatic, also led to the creation of this all encompassing beauty boutique. Blush provides you with rare beauty products, used in only the best spas on the Vegas strip. You wont find them anywhere in Nigeria unless you go to Blush.

1923 Blog: What would you like Blush to be known for? 

Completeness and an inclusive atmosphere for everyone. Everyone is welcome whether you are a makeup or beauty brand, a makeup artist or a hair stylist. We cannot stand alone and are ready to work with anyone. We don't operate a "I must do it by myself policy", global brands arent built that way.
1923 Blog: 3 words that describe Blush

Complete, Unique and Accomodating (everyone is welcome and our products are within the reach of all)

1923 Blog: What is the future of Blush?

A brand and products that are far - reaching. It should not be known for just one thing, but for several things. A one stop shop for makeup, beauty, hair care, scents. An example Bola used is Sephora.
Now tell me, wouldnt you all love to have a Sephora kind of thing down here in Nigeria? I would.

1923 Blog: What led you to creating a makeup line for Blush?

A desire to create a unique range of makeup products properly suited to the African weather and a must have for all women regardless of age or class.
1923 Blog: How has it been in Nigeria so far?

It has been hectic and tough first year but i also thank God for all the successes. Blush is seen on runways, in editorials, at photoshoots and even weddings. Next year is one to look forward to with a lot as it will be much better than the first.

1923 Blog: What are the must-have Blush products?

The face primer and the compact powder
Bola told me a trick to do with the primer. For heavy-duty work and really tropical weather, a double layer of the primer is called for. Apply moisturiser and let skin absorb it, apply primer and wait like 3 minutes and apply again. Be sure to try it and let me know cos im looking forward to trying it too.

1923 Blog: What is your opinion of the Nigerian makeup industry?

A lot more has to be invested into the training of makeup artists and educating of the makeup loving populace. Interactions with makeup artists has indeed led me to believe that this is desperately lacking in the Nigerian makeup & beauty industry.

Trick question: Who is your favourite vintage diva?

The 1950s are my favourite vintage era. The silhouette of the gowns, the grace, classic makeup and carriage of the era. Favourite diva is Grace Kelly


Bola looks like a vintage diva herself in this picture.
Products on display
A makeup artist hard at work on a Blush client.
Ah, a candy display.
Only they aren't real candies. Infact, they aren't candies at all.
Bomb cosmetics is a UK beauty brand that provides organic and natural beauty and bath products which are at the reach and to the taste of every modern woman (and some males too). An enterprising young Nigerian lady took it upon herself to make sure that Nigerian beauty productnistas got to know and interact with this product (and i must say that it is addictive.)
She also offers customised perfume services. I cant wait to try this out.

I will endeavour to do a review of these products, i stumbled on it at the Blush boutique and do not have a lot of information about them. You can be sure that i will provide all info, reviews and even an interview with the brain behind this brand. I got me one of the lovely soaps. Coming soon in my Blush Beauty Haul post.
Last but certainly not the least, Blush has a discount card for professional makeup artists which gives you 20% discount on all products purchased. You bet i got one and got 30% off all my makeup goodies. Alas, it only applies to the makeup, *huge sigh of disappointment*

Bola and Blush have a lot of projects under their sleeves at the moment which include a makeup artists' meet next year and also the launch of disposable makeup tools. You wont be left out of the info as long as you remain an avid follower of Barbara & 1923 blog.

Thank you so very much Bola Fadina for this lovely interview. I really look forward to celebrating Blush's first year anniversary with you. Blush has come a long way and i am proud to be associated with this brand.

Until next time, Ciao and thank you for reading. Please leave your comments as they will be greatly appreciated.

*The Blush website is currently undergoing maintenance but the address is http://www.blushnigeria.com/ You can however visit the store at 1388, Tiamiyu Savage street, Victoria Island or better still their facebook group which you can go to via this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/137846177498/


  1. First of all Barbara, brilliant work here! Doing a series to let us get to know makeup artistes better is pretty cool (and might be the first of its kind ... at least, this is the 1st time I am reading something like this)

    I had already made my mind up about the origins of the name "BLUSH" but the interview set me straight ... LOL!

    Blush Bakes? I heard it here first!

    You left out contact information though. Is there a website, etc where we can go to for more information. I think that would be helpful. Prices nko?

    I enjoyed reading this. It gives a different angle to the face behind the brand. All the best to Bola. Barbara, keep them coming! Encore!

  2. Thank you so much dear. I'm so glad I was able to clear up some earlier thoughts you had about Blush.

    Oops, I definitely left out the contact details. I will rectify that as soon as I can and contact can be made directly with Blush as regards pricing and other matters.

    My goal is to bring beauty makers to the fore and let people know about them. I definitely look forward to bringing my followers more of such posts.

    Thank you dear. Hugs&kisses

    1. Am sorrry but i dont think your goal is to bring beaty makers to the fore. You are obviously dealing with a clique. The same people you talk about are in the same inner circle.


    2. @Anonymous, you do understand that it is only those who make themselves available that I will be able to interact with.

  3. Just pointing out that Bomb Cosmetics is a UK brand not Nigeria

    1. @anonymous, that is very true. I actually discovered that after i had written this post and i have not remembered to edit the content to reflect that. Im doing that right away. Thank you so very much for pointing that out and thus reminding me to correct an error.


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