2012 Upcoming Posts

Lol, no i can't see the future so this isn't a post with a list of ALL my 2012 posts. It is a post on what my first blog posts for 2012 will be. Here goes:

(Please keep in mind that this list is totally random and is not arranged in any particular order)

Im starting with a list of all my outings and events for the end of the year and they are
- Zaron Tea party
- Blush Year end event
- Nigerian MUAs December get-together (Nigerian MUAs Lagos group members are having a get-together on the 27th of this month. The blog will be on a break then but you can be sure that i will be posting pics when it gets back in the New Year).
- 1923 Glitter looks for the season (im gonna try on some glitter, yayyy!)

And then i will proceed to carried over and new posts which will include:
- Fusion of Colour (courtesy of Kathy Hess Duncan): Haul & Review
- Fi.R (courtesy of Stephanie Fifi Rodriguez): Haul & Review
- Christmas Haul (all purchased during the Gifty's Daughter 50% December discount and other locations)
- 1923 Asks "Lola Maja Okojevoh of Sacred Lashes & Sacred Academy"
- 1923 Asks "Eni Lise Balogun of LISE"
- Product Review: Blush eyeshadow & blush
- Product Review: LISE 
- 1923 Face of the Day (with LISE): In the clear
- 1923 Face of the Day (with Blush): Dining in wine
- Zaron Haul 
- Lash Threading Course with Lash-On
- 1923 Asks "Olawunmi Damiro of Lash-On"
- 1923 Face of the Day: Going to Rio
- Brush Review: Real Techniques and Sigma
- 1923 Asks "Kemi Kings Imevbore Uwaga"
- Brush Review: MaryKay 5 piece brush set

This is the list so far. I also have a couple of surprise 1923 Asks series which i won't reveal now. if i do, it won't be a surprise anymore.

Well, coupled with all these I have a whole lot of work events planned for next year so im hoping there will be a healthy mix of work and makeup/beauty related posts.

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday ahead and Happy New Year in advance.

Don't be sad, you can still FF all my holiday activities on twitter  https://twitter.com/#!/piriye and on facebook https://www.facebook.com/barbsieO

Barbara & signature blog will be back in 2012.

End of Year Makeup Deals

Its the end of the year and like we all know there are sales, discounts, freebies and giveaways everywhere. Well, makeup and beauty goodies arent excluded from the list so here is the list (I have been able to wrangle for your benefit) of some makeup and beauty stores offering discounts for the year. Im happy to say that they include some of our very own Nigeria makeup and beauty brands.

Don't miss out on these.

Get 25% discount off store price on all products. Look for our stores in Surulere, Ikeja, Chasemall, Lekki, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kano, Benin and Ibadan

Get 10% discount on all makeup products if you are a makeup artist and everyone gets up to 40% on selected beauty products. Our shop is located on Tiamiyu Savage, Victoria Island.

Clearance sales on selected items at all BMPro stores in Lagos and Abuja

Get 50% off all items in-stock. Our shops are located in Port Harcourt and Bayelsa.

Get 30% off all makeup items. Visit us in Ikoyi, Lekki, Festac, Ikeja, Benin ...


Get 15% off all items in-store and 10% off all Black Secret products. Noubamat powder is not included. Visit our Festac store.

Get 25% off all makeup items and and 15% off all skincare products from the 21st - 24th. Hurry and visit us at our shop in Ikoyi.

*The addresses of all these stores can be found in some of my previous posts, on their websites and FB pages.

1923 Face of the Day 'with all Nigerian brands'

Im sure a couple of you will have been wondering where all my FOTDs went to. Well, iv been battling a bout of acne so my face isnt exactly the nicest and recently i woke up with dry, cracked up eyelids so iv been going around with makeupless (is that even a word lol?) eyes.

But I said to myself that i owe it to you all to do a FOTD before i go on break and my face and eyes conformed enough to get this relatively ok look out in time for the holidays. If you look carefully, im sure you will see some pimples sticking out *hiding my head in shame*

Oops, before i show you all the pictures, the main highlight of this look is that i have incorporated all (or most at least) Nigeria's indigenous makeup brands into the look and that is the only reason why i am super excited to show it to you all regardless of the other stuff happening on my face.

I used
Lise eyelash primer and cucumber stress gel for my face and lashes
Tara dual foundation powder (all over my face and to contour) and purple liquid liner
Zaron lip balm and oil control loose powder
From BMPro, is Mahbrook (which shockingly looks like the l/s i wore on the day of the Ikeja studio launch) and lovely colour collection mascara in blue
And of course if you all know me i never do my makeup without some blush on my cheeks. Im sure you know where the blush in this look came from.....Blush's Tropicana blush of course, lol.

So here are pictures of the look from the best angles i could find and in a bid to hide my pimples and cracked up eyelids (which i have nothing on them besides. I have raccoon eyes and here they look like a subtle brown smokey eye).

why does this picture look wierd?

See how dark my eyes are here? There is not a speck of makeup on it but both the dryness and my natural raccoon eyes are mixed together, lol.
I almost always contour my cheeks with the darkest powder in the Tara  dual foundation powder palette. It's almost finished now *sob* gotta go get me some more. And in case you were asking, yes, i contour my face practically everyday i have makeup on.
that wretched pimple. If i catch you ehn! thank God for proper angles and lighting o
Can you see the slight hint of my Tropicana blush?

I love the fact that i took the pictures with natural light, they came out so nice and the colours are exact. Thank goodness i was smart enough to do this *whew*

My face of the day didnt turn out so bad or what do you guys think? 3 gbosas for Nigerian makeup brands.

*I have not been sponsored to write this post. Some of the products used were courtesy of the brand owners.


Gifty's Daughter NYX Christmas Giveaway

Hello everyone,

So if you a fan of my facebook page and a FF on twitter you will remember that a while ago, i announced Gifty's Daughter Christmas Giveaway.

After some logistic challenges I am glad to announce the giveaway.

The prizes - NYX Glitter palette and NYX Glitter Body gel

Pictures taken from the NYX site

As you must have figured out by now, the prizes are all NYX products and they are glitter products too. What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a lot of glitz, shimmer and sparkle.

It is open nationwide i.e. wherever you are in Nigeria. Here are the questions and the rules:

Who is the makeup artist behind Gifty's Daughter?
How old was the brain behind Gifty's Daughter this year?
Why the name 'Gifty's Daughter'?

1. Become a follower of this blog to be eligible to win one glitter body gel
2. Become a fan of Gifty's Daughter & Barbara & 1923 facebook pages to be eligible to win the NYX glitter palette
3. Follow @piriye and @giftysdaughter on twitter to be eligible to win one glitter body gel. You will also have to stay tuned on twitter for the tweet on the contest.

Because Gifty's Daughter is 7 years old this year (yippee!) there is a twist
- The seventh correct comment under this post
- The seventh correct comment on the Barbara & 1923 facebook fanpage
- The seventh @piriye retweet of the contest tweet on twitter

All the winners will be announced on the 22nd of December with 24 hours to submit their contact details.

All the best everyone.

*This is a sponsored giveaway. 

Zaron Makeup & Hair market storm

All my twitter followers know that after my visit to Blush on saturday i was headed for an interview with Oke Maduewesi (remember her? owner of Zaron Makeup & Hair). Well, it seems that the interview was not to hold as a market storm had already been pre-arranged. Trust me, i got to Lagos Island where they were and literally jumped into the fray along with them.

Here are pics
The Zaron crew
Me posing in the market with my undersized tee (i had to squeeze into it.) New year resolution 1 - lose weight.
A song and a dance in Flora Truworths. They looked at us strange.

Kelechi 'Bedazzled' Igbojekwe and I. She is a member of Nigerian MUAs, yippee!
Ok, i just had to add this picture. Of course you know i couldnt have left without a couple of them pretty clear makeup bags. i bought two of them along with a cute little tweezer to supplement the lovely Lola maja ones i have and they are now resting in my makeup bag (yes, bag) until i have work for them to do.
A big Zaron distributor who insisted we give her samples (they filled a dish she brought out, lol). Henceforth, every person in the market requested for a sample too. Miracle that we werent beaten up and the samples all collected.
standing in the sun (ain't funny my dears. of that i can assure you)
In the mix
Posing in the sun
a happy sale and one sample given out.
and another sample
and another sample
and yet another sample
the crew and the bought over customer
"Abeg leave me alone joo. Who told you im interested in what you are selling"
No one can accuse us of not trying can they? we didnt discriminate at all.

She had to scrutinise the flyer. Wonder if she could really see through the sun  glasses.
And another sample parted with.
"You want to take a picture of me"
"I already have", I replied
They look alike dont they? No, they arent sisters, just another sample parted with and a bought  over customer
last stop before the home run.
So, amongst the heap of things i learnt was that the market women who sell the beauty products and who paste their face with different colours are actually the biggest customers. They know which product is good and which isnt and they know how to market on the grassroot level.

Im sure you all remember the post on the launch of Zaron in september? Well, im happy to say that Zaron now sells like wildfire. Im getting some more Zaron products before they run out of stock cos right before my eyes the stock was running out fast.

Have you bought your own Zaron product? What is your opinion of it?

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Blush Haul

You bet that after the interview at Blush i had to get me some Blush goodies. Here they are

Blush e/s in shock

Blush blush (lol, sounds very pun-like right?) in Tropicana

My Bomb cosmetics Purple Hills soap. It is a mix of Patchouli and Lavender essential oils.

I got a freebie from Bola and it is this gorgeous shimmering emerald green loose e/s from Naked Cosmetics called Shock Effect.

Face of the Day with these lovely products and product review coming up. Unfortunately you will have to experience the lovely soothing effect of the Bomb cosmetics soap all by yourself as you cannot have a bath with me, lol.

What are your fav Blush products? If you havent used any, which of their products would you like to use? You never know, Blush might just make your dream come true.