The Kardashian Wedding

I cant believe i dont have a post for Kim's wedding. Its already too late right? So il just zip my mouth and say nothing about it afterall details of the KK wedding are all over the internet.

Okay, thats all from me about the wedding. I wish KK Happy married life and pray they live happily ever after just like in the fairytales.


Calicolours Representative Meeting

Hello everybody,

How did your weekend go? I hope it went well. I'm so sorry but this post is exactly 9 days late, but here goes.

Well, I usually don't put my money down for something i don't believe in so this was a touch and go situation. I just went there to be an independent observer and nothing more.

Calicolours is an LA based makeup brand, founded by a Nigerian though, with a desire to provide women of colour (slightly skewed to Nigeria) with the right makeup products for their skin type. You can check out their facebook page here

The meeting was to register reps for the Lagos market and also to get a feel of our thoughts regarding the products (for me that is cos it seemed like everyone there was resigned to going along with whatever it was).

After all the theory part of the meeting i.e. what the company does, their affiliates, the monetary calculations, WIIIFM etc. we got down to actually testing the products which was the key thing for me cos there is no point buying a product if

1. You arent sure of the product
2. It wont show up on your Client's skin
3. You cant recommend it to someone else.

I also had an issue with the fact that the products were mainly eyeshadows. There were no foundations, powders, concealers, basic skincare and the like and that was a huge issue for me. I mentioned it and was assured that they were working on it but in the meantime wanted to put the eyeshadows into the market to gauge receptiveness of the products. My fingers were crossed though.

I didnt make any purchases but here is the brochure with pictures of the products they have to offer right now.

the calicolours brochure
the products
The verdict at the meeting was that skill was required to make the products show up on African skin and perhaps more work needs to be done on the formulation of the products prior to more concentrated marketing.

I don't want to say more about this cos they are dedicated to going back to the drawing board to develop quality products that will be satisfactory to the target market while also being affordable and delivering on the promised value.

Makeover 1923: Stella


Last week saturday, i was rushing off to a makeup rep meeting for a new cosmetic company looking to enter the Nigerian market. I did my makeup and was late but i was still determined to do a makeover for my sister before running off. If you follow me on twitter you know by now that my sister's skin is one of a kind and has been 'tortured' by her overtime. it is now very dry and stretchy even though she naturally has oily skin.

I decided to us MUD foundations cos they have a wonderfully creamy formulation to then and as a primer, i used the Smashbox photo finish foundation primer (the next day she said she had been wondering why her face didnt emit oil as it normally does)

Here are the pictures of the entire look (please pardon the brows. Im a complete lover of natural eyebrows - as u can see from mine. She has been begging me to tweeze hers but my tweezers had gone awol and i didnt want to use a razor. i used clear mascara to brush them down though)



Apart from the MUD foundationas, I used Black Opal deluxe loose powder in dark to set the foundation, orekelewa blush for her cheeks, Sleek i-Divine palette for her eyes, Marykay eye liner and MUD lipstick in Rose Clay with Revlon midnight swirl gloss in shockolate for her lips (i dont know why but i love a nude or light lip for my sister. i always do that when i do her makeup and it always looks good on her)

I used false lashes on her from a no-name chinese brand and this was a near nightmare - she has short, full, thick and very curly lashes. I then remembered my continuous prayer to God for  japonesque electric lash curler which i can also use to straighten lashes.

Thank you in advance to anyone who is led to take that item off  my wishlist, God bless you.


1923 Face of the Day: Pink and a peep of green

So, Its monday, the start of the new week (that was supposed to be the opening statement to this post if i had   posted this on monday). This was my look on monday.  A little bit school girly especially with the hair band but i think i rocked it well.

im sorry its blurred

ah yes, there is the peep of green

without flash, you cant see the colours

without flash
Black Opal mosaic palette, Black radiance palette (with bronzey shades), my orekelewa blush and my MUD rose clay lipstick along with revlon midnight swirl gloss in Shockolate. Did i remember to mention Glitter gal mascara in black?

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1923 Face of the Day: Why Blue?

Saturday was a busy day for me, but i managed to have time for a FOTD and a makeover. You can check out the makeover here "Makeover 1923: Stella"

Here are the pics of my FOTD. Not too far from my normal look but i did a smokey blue on my eyes so i guess its different in a way cos iv colour on my lids.

I used the Sleek i-Divine original palette, my regular orekelewa no 25 (i think) blush and an Avon light gold(ish) gloss on my lips.

I tried to do a small mohawk kinda hair in front but it just wouldnt work so i did a c-shaped corn row with the hair in front thats why it looks like a punk (wish i had a picture of it)


Makeover 1923: Blessing


I recently did a makeover for my family friend. She was going to church on a sunday. Here are her pictures




I used MUD foundations for her, Wet n' wild pencil for her brows, Sleek and Orekelewa on her eyes, Marykay eye liner, Orekelewa blush. She had a favourite lippie so i used that for her along with a Revlon lip gloss..


1923 Face of the Day: A Flick…. and Green? Guess not

Im sure you are amused at the title of this post but the fact is, im supposed to have a wash of green eyeshadow on my eyelid but it didnt show. I usually dont like heavy colour on my eyes for everyday looks (as you all must have noticed) and i usually just go for a wash but today i guess the wash was too subtle cos the camera didnt catch it.

Today, i used a wash of the green in the Black Opal Rain forest mosaic palette (for some reason i wanted the colour on my eyes and didnt want to wear it – im wearing a black and grey outfit), a flicked eyeliner with the MaryKay liquid liner in black, my fav blush from orekelewa which il review one day, along with my staple MUD bronze highlighter, no-name brown lip liner, MUD rose clay lipstick and Revlon lipgloss.

close up of the look
I remembered the name of the mosaic palette yippee! I did the Mario Dedivanovic trick of eyes first, under eye concealer and up and down mascara and i love the outcome. What do you think?

Some pimples popped up on my chin and forehead, hoping they wont be there by next week. Im afraid i skipped parts of my skincare routine and now im paying for it.

Have a nice weekend and let me know what you all did.

Product Review: MaryKay Signature Eye Primer

I know there is a cult following for UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Portion) and im dying to try out Eden but there is another primer that (dare i say it…….) is as good as or even better than UDPP.

Drumrolls>>> surpirise!! Here it is
eye primer MaryKay Eye Primer

I know a lot of people would love to kill me but as reviews go, this is my personal opinion.
I have been using this primer for close to 3 years now and not once has it failed me. I heard so much about UDPP and i ordered it via a friend. believ it or not, my e/s creased in less than 3 hours. Boy was i disappointed so i relegated it to my kit and for use on Clients and yes, it shares the primer of choice space with the MaryKay Eye primer.

According to the MaryKay website, Here's the perfect primer to help you create eye looks that grab attention. This waterproof formula creates a foundation so your eye colors glide on smoothly and stay perfectly in place longer – without creasing or smudging. It helps extend and intensify eye color.
I havent tested the waterproof part of the claim but i can say that one of the truths in the statement is that it helps your eyeshadow stay perfectly in place all day with no creasing and no smudging. The best part for me is the fact that you can never apply too much (for the times i apply too much pressure on the tube and a lot of product comes out, lol)

Here is a pic of my almost finished tube of MK eye primer. Note that this is also the old packaging

So give it a try and let me know what your verdict is.

Tiffany Amber - Fearless Luxury

For those of you who dont know anything about me and the kind of makeup i do, you wont know that Tiffany Amber (Fashion label of Folake Coker) is one of my muses. I aspire & dream to one day be the makeup artist for Tiffany Amber.

I just checked out Bellanaija, which i do from time to time, and saw the pictures from the Tiffany Amber A/W 2011/12 Ad Campaign. And here they are, Im totally inspired and so in love with the pictures




My favourite

Arent you in love?
From the makeup, to the direction of the shoot, to the models, do i have to mention the clothes, its perfect.

Are you still about to ask why i love Tiffany Amber so much?