13 Feb 2019

#28daysofred | Day 13 - Not a Red Light

Today is a very good day to be cool, calm and collected so that's what I'm going to be.

12 Feb 2019

11 Feb 2019

#28daysofred | Day 10 - Velvet Lip

This red lip deserved to be the hero of the look hence a mini-lip editorial.

6 Feb 2019

#28daysofred | Day 6 - Passionately Yours

I just got a new vintage blouse and I've been longing to do this look since I tried it on, lol.

5 Feb 2019

#28daysofred | Day 5 - Perfectly Imperfect Chilli

There is always so much pressure to be perfect, put together, composed and controlled that sometimes I just want to break the norm just because.

4 Feb 2019

#28daysofred | Day 4 - Scarlet O'Hara Lip?

Have I ever used a lip crayon or Color Stick? Not sure I have. But for this look, I got to use the Blk Opl one in my collection that I've been eyeing since.

3 Feb 2019

2 Feb 2019

#28daysofred | Day 2 - Miss Rosie Lips

You know how you see something really inexpensive and you have just got to have it? Yes, that is my story with this lipstick (&it's sisters)

1 Feb 2019

#28DaysofRed | Day 1 - A Tonee Red Kinda Day

OMG, I'm so excited! This is my first post for this year and in soooooo long. I've missed you guys thoroughly, xoxo.
I'm reviving the February #28daysofred series and I promise not to get into 'The Dip' and let life's challenges hinder me from finishing it.