21 Sep 2013

Why Eyeshadows?

So here I am, walking down the street of the estate and I look at people as I pass by. It is an improvement to note that a lot more ladies apply makeup more than in the early days and I see a myriad of colours, mixtures and techniques. Even when I go to the market, I see the traders trying to keep up with the trends in their own ‘eyeshadow color-jumbled way’ (I just came up with that).
So I ask myself, why eyeshadows?
Yes, it is true that it is on the eyes that we can be the most creative with makeup but there are also other parts of our face aren’t there?
In Inspiration matchI wrote about matching our makeup to our clothes. This however, is mostly done with eyeshadow in mind. There are other parts of our face that we can match (if we insist) and that is our cheeks and lips. If you want to go a little farther, you can match with your eyelashes as well Why create coloured mascara and say that it is only to be used for editorial and runway looks?
I say perfect foundation and concealer, well defined brows, tighlined lids, coloured mascara, blush and lipgloss for a day at the office. Amp it up for nighttime by applying a bright lipstick only and you are good to go.
The next time you are determined to match your makeup to your clothes, take a look at your collection, take a risk, and apply subtle purple blush instead of purple eyeshadow to match that gorgeous purple silk blouse you just got.
StyleFash25 said...

Thank you for this - "I say perfect foundation and concealer, well defined brows, tighlined lids, coloured mascara, blush and lipgloss for a day at the office".

I have always had issues with make up not being obvious on my face with my daily make up routine. Maybe i should try a colored mascara, I hope that works. Still not adventurous enough for a blush :-D


Barbara Onianwah said...

Hi dear, don't be afraid of blush at all. I ALWAYS have blush on but in varying intensities. Give it a shot sometime and you will love it totally (I am the queen of natural/nude makeup so never like makeup being too obvious on my face, lol)

demondi mian said...

This is sooo beautiful !! NICE MAKEUP

Barbara Onianwah said...

The first image is by Destiny Goodley. She has a youtube channel with wonderful videos.

Maya said...

I'm a fan of well drawn eyebrows and nice shades of lipstick but not eyeshadows tho cos I av chinese eyes...lol no space for it! www.dazzfairy.blogspot.com Razzle_Dazzle

Maya said...

Love d eyebrows and lipstick, never av I bin a fan of eyeshadow cos my eyes are inside with no space for dem, looool www.dazzfairy.blogspot.com Razzle_Dazzle

Barbara Onianwah said...

where there is a will, there is a way dear. Even with your eye shape, there is a way you can enjoy eyeshadows. It will just be different from ours and will still look beautiful too.