30 Sep 2013

L.A. Girl 'Psychedelic & Turntable' Disco Brites

Hello lovelies, 
While trying to work up the nerve to do an ombre design on my short, stubby nails, I figured I would try a bright accent nail look using yellow and green.

A new store opened pretty close to my house in the estate and on my first visit there, I saw the L.A. Girl Disco Brites collection. I bought up almost all of them (I think the only one I don't have is the blue one). According to L.A. Girl, this collection glows under UV lights. Courtesy of not going out much, I have not had a chance to see them in their element. 

Pairing Psychedelic (Yellow) and Turntable (Mint Green) was actually a random choice. After using Psychedelic for my last shoot and seeing how beautiful it came out, I guess it was an unconscious decision.

3 layers of Psychedelic got me the bright yellow I wanted, 1 layer of Turntable was enough actually but just to be sure, I applied another one.

First official manicure post (did the others during the 30 days of Red series in February), what do you think?

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