27 Oct 2012

Product Review: LISE Lipstick in 'Fashionista'

Another stop I made on Independence Day was to the Lise store. I saw a new set of matte lipsticks and swatched them.
Can't remember all their names I'm sorry
So I went ahead and got myself one of them. With autumn looks here you can guess which one I got - the extreme right; and it's called Fashionista.
it is a plumy-purple colour
with flash
without flash
I do believe that I got a bad one because when I got home and tried it, it came out with a little moisture and sheen which can be seen from the swatches above. This was however not the case with the swatch at the store which was completely matte.

It is however a lovely plumy colour. I was kinda disappointed though because I had been looking forward to trying out a dark, matte colour. I have been assured by Eni though that this will be replaced, so do look forward to the review of the actual matte version of this lippie.

The one I got though is a really moisturising, lovely dark colour and it is very pigmented. One application entirely covers the lips and the second seals in the colour.
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