16 Sep 2012

1923 Face of the Day: Plum Plum

I mentioned in my previous wedding post that I finally got to wear makeup to a gig. I loved it and I must say that I got quite a lot of respect from the Client and references were made to the way my makeup looked especially when I was doing the sister-of-the-bride's makeup.
I used that little plum sample lipgloss I got from Zaron a while ago
I wore a plum coloured top and matched it with the lipgloss (a long time since I did that I must say)
I went for a simple winged eye, blush and lip gloss.
my hair was trying to be a nuisance but I just tied a bandanna round my head and held it in place. Added to the overall look and so I was fine with it.
simple and professional I must 
I did a pretty good job of it and I was happy with myself. Goes to show that to be addressed as a professional, you have to look like one.

Next stop - An actual black & black makeup artist uniform, lol (I have to learn black to gigs and not random clothes from my wardrobe)
Yolandaas said...

Love love your plum lipgloss.. this look looks great on you :) xx

shortylegsbeauty said...

Such a beautiful look and you are so beautiful yourself :)
I love plum lips.. I love wearing them myself and I think they look amazing on people :)

Sharon said...

Super gorgeous hun,love this on u!

Barbara Onianwah said...

Thank you dear. Second time wearing it and I was surprised at how nice it looked, lol.

Barbara Onianwah said...

OMG, darling you are tempting me to go on a plum spree. I have loads of plum colours in my kit that I have never used on myself.
*hugs to you too* thanks dear

Barbara Onianwah said...

Thank you dear