16 Sep 2012

1923 Face of the Day: Plum Plum

I mentioned in my previous wedding post that I finally got to wear makeup to a gig. I loved it and I must say that I got quite a lot of respect from the Client and references were made to the way my makeup looked especially when I was doing the sister-of-the-bride's makeup.
I used that little plum sample lipgloss I got from Zaron a while ago
I wore a plum coloured top and matched it with the lipgloss (a long time since I did that I must say)
I went for a simple winged eye, blush and lip gloss.
my hair was trying to be a nuisance but I just tied a bandanna round my head and held it in place. Added to the overall look and so I was fine with it.
simple and professional I must 
I did a pretty good job of it and I was happy with myself. Goes to show that to be addressed as a professional, you have to look like one.

Next stop - An actual black & black makeup artist uniform, lol (I have to learn black to gigs and not random clothes from my wardrobe)
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