22 Aug 2012

My Hair: Recent Hairstyles

Hello everyone,

As you all know, I have just recently started documenting my natural hair journey. I still have issues with finding the right products, styling my hair and the worst of all, taking pictures of the various styles that (in my mind) I have managed to come up with.

I have tried Bantu knots, flat twists, have a phobia of adding anything like gel or spritz to my hair (never used either of them on my relaxed hair and I just believe that since natural hair is more delicate, it will be worse). I have had one very horrible bad hair day (I hated it) but it seems I have found the solution to all my hair styling problems.

Here are some hairstyles I have been playing around with:

BEWARE, BRIGHT FLASHES AHEAD! (and a ton of pictures)
The Rolls & Puffs
I started off with a lot of twists, puffs and rolls (as can be seen from my first hair posts). I had them on for a while, re-doing them every night while sitting in front of my computer.
victory rolls look-alike
twists & rolls, pinned down
flat twists that were so poofy
pins everywhere
re-do of the flat twists (the flash made the hair look brown)
from pinned long rolls to single twisted poofy things.
Bad Hair Day
Then it happened!
I loosened the twists hoping to get curly hair that I could just fluff into a 'fro and head out the door. it turned out much harder than I had thought.
I can't wait to get rid of those ends
so i came to the conclusion that transitioning hair cannot do a curly 'fro. See how straight it is *sigh*
The French Braids 
Ah, my new found love. I love how graceful it looks, how all the hair is tucked in and how slick it is.
so pretty
i tried to do a bun thing with the hair at the back. As you can see, it didn't work out
ended up with this, which i absolutely love
You can probably tell that I have this on at work now right
So those are all the hairstyles I have been playing around with. Pretty much settled on the french braids though. I don't need anything to have them all slick and neat except patience *wink*

What do you think?

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