25 Aug 2012

2012 Summer Jam Fest with Rick Ross (Lagos Fashion)

Once again, Lagos played host to top American rapper Rick Ross and as can be expected, our society & event butterflies were present at the event. I looked to Bellanaija as usual for pictures of the event.

Here are pictures of some of our Nigerian celebrities at the event (all opinions expressed in this post are entirely mine and I have not been sponsored to write this post)

Vixen never fails to disappoint. She looks fabulous in this all black ensemble. Check out the back.
The dress, the shoes, the clutch -
a mismatch
the hair, the dress and the makeup = what was she thinking? The top of the dress does look like it is about to slip past her bust area.
the lovely Susan Patrick looking regal in this white frock with a belt that reminds me of gladiators. The shoes and dress compliment beautifully. Wonder why she has bags under her eyes though, they make her face look puffy. 
i love. the gold top and black lace skirt. matching accessories too. Shocking to think that what  i admire the most is her hair. I can't wait till I have mine all natural too.
im not quite sure what to make of this, please help
i love. the pink lipstick is just so complimentary to the overall look
the shoes look off, the hair is a big no no (i can see the chopped front showing) and the makeup? SMH
unless they are dancers, a big no for this from me too
Rocker chic, you go girl. I was actually looking out for spikes in her boots, lol
something is just wrong here
no comments ..... simply because I don't know where to start
so i can be called plus size as well but I am relatively smaller and slimmer than her and I would not for the world be caught dead in an outfit like this. Girlfriend explain yourself. You are bursting everywhere
i love
Linda Ikeji always looks classic. you can never go wrong with structure
why on earth would you wear something you are not comfortable in? please someone explain. the bag clutched to her lower body says it all
please help explain this look
*huge sigh* I permit myself to only make reference to her black knees
seems like there was a memo on dresses which are transparent at the bust.
So age and event appropriate. I would have rocked this look too. kudos!
i always say that "whenever in doubt, go with safe". this is perfect safe and oh so comfy too
So i like the  makeup, the white jacket and even the gold choker (even though it looks like it is choking her and cutting off her neck). I just can't understand the jeans and shoes though.
yes i said safe not sloppy
uh, i like. we should do something about the knees though
i reserve my comments
she got the memo alright but long animal print dress with pink bag and red shoes. i ain't no fashionista but this just screams wrong
they didn't get the memo but i think the chic on the right is rocking her look well. Did you see those cheekbones? 'loooove'
present with my copy of the memo
simple chic
you can never go wrong with nude pumps and Claire Sotomi sure knows that. You look good girl
i love the boots
i get the look but i am not entirely agreeing but what are those in your left hand and what the heck do you have on your legs?
i don't know about you but i think she looks pretty in mustard and flowery
you are the wife of a super star for Christ sake why dress like an ordinary person.  SMH. she should not be allowed to get away with this
i like
she makes the rest of us look fat. she is a PHAT girl to the core.
p.s. pretty hot and thick for those of you who don't know what PHAT means
the picture of elegance. this is one perfect safe i wouldn't mind donning
hmmm .... hair piled on your head and hot pink lips would have gone very well
no comments people, thank you *bowing out*
ah, another who didn't get the memo and didn't want to go comfy
yep, obedient to the memo
simple but elegant
Here I bow out.
Mayhap, did any of you agree with my comments?