24 Jul 2012

Thisdaystyle.com: 'Making Up Your Style'

A lot of the time we want what we don't need and neglect what we do have - Barbara Onianwah (that is a new lesson I learnt) and I apologise for being MIA for quite a while. As you all know, I am also a beauty contributor to 2 other sites thisdaystyle.com and MediAfritiQ.com, please permit to share some of my articles with you in the next couple of posts.

My first article ever was titled Making Up Your Style

A lot of times, it is assumed that makeup and style have nothing in common, that they are randomly emerging processes that have no central or unifying themes. Even I have made that same mistake for most of my makeup career but recently I have had a change of heart and read the rest of this article...

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