17 Feb 2012

Product Review: Zaron eyeshadow palette in 'Showstopper'

I got a whole bunch of Zaron products at Christmas. Check them out in this post
I will be reviewing them one at a time or at the same time i use them for a makeover. This post will focus on one of the e/s - blush palettes which is called Showstopper.
it comes in the black and red packaging that is synonymous with Zaron
the actual package is black
it has 12 e/s colours, 2 blushes and 2 applicators (which are a complete no show and so i have chucked them *please dont be mad at me Oke*)
swatch of all the e/s colours. i am sorry but i neglected to also swatch the blushes
 - I will say nothing about the packaging as i have already said in my very first Zaron review post that i absolutely love it
- The colours are very pigmented (even the blushes). Please believe me when i say that the picture of the swatches did them no justice. At a little over N2,000, i believe that it is good value for money.
Keep in mind that the swatches were done without a primer or base.

For showstopper bright looks, this is the palette you need.

 *This product was purchased by me and all opinions stated are my genuine opinions.
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