4 Nov 2011

Upcoming 1923 Makeovers and FOTDs

Yes, i have been in a land far, far away and i cant do a proper post. I assure you i am really working towards rectifying this.

I however decided that i was going to hack into someone's system this friday evening and post up some pics of what i have recently been up to. It is just a fraction of what iv been up to but itr will have to do for You (my followers and visitors to my blog) and I (who would dearly love to put up all my posts, reviews, hauls and makeovers. Did i mention that i am attending the Lise and Lash-On workshop tomorrow? Well I am. and you can be sure that i will have pictures to show for it.

Here is the sneak peek

Doesnt she just love posing. I used Khuraira products for this look.

See what happens when you use eyebrow powder on already full brows. Not too bad though.

i Absolutely loved the pop of green.

Me doing the vintage.

I love this look. Very bright and exactlty suits her personality.
Did you enjoy the sneak peek? Do let me know, id love to hear from you.


The Relentless Builder said...

Is that your sister posing? She looks good (and so do you) I like the products you used on her (and the vintage look too). Of course I liked the sneak peak and I can't wait to see more pictures!