17 Nov 2011

1923 Face of the Day (With BMPro): In the mix

So this is the look I created with my BMPro Ikeja Studio launch haul (you can check out the post here). I w3anted to incorporate at least 3 of the e/s into the look so I went outside my comfort zone of neutral, soft, makeup to something loud, bright and a mix.

See it


- Clear mascara and Quo brow set (brows)
- MK foundation in 600
- MK loose powder in Beige 2
- Black Opal Redwood blush
- Black radiance mosaic bronzer (highlight bridge of nose, jaw and cheek bones and middle of forehead)


- Orekelewa eye primer and Blush gel liner (as base)
- BMPro 700 & 191 e/s on lids(check BMPro haul post)
- Mahbrook black e/s in crease and above
- Bobbi Brown camel coloured e/s (eyebrow highlighter)
- Jordana Blue Devine twist-up eye liner
- MK liquid liner in black
- Glitter Gal and Constance Carroll mascaras in black

Natural light

With flash

Sunlight effect

I just had lip balm on my lips. I rushed out of my house as soon as my eyes and face were done cos I was running a bit late and wanted a free ride (awoof no go purge my bele o)

What do you think? +1 this post if you think I should step out of my comfort zone more often


  1. I think you should step out of your comfort zone more often. I liked the look, except for the pink eyeshadow. It just didn't fit with the whole look (to me sha), but I liked the blue-black eyeshadows, especially the one you used in the crease your eyes. That would look great for smokey eyes!

  2. Lol, and so i have been requested to step out of my comfort zone more often. I will heed you girlfriend.
    It is actually a matte red colour o. came out as pink in the pictures. I was just determined to use as many colours from the haul as poss *hiss@myself* and oh yes, the Mahbrook black is a definite yes for the most gorgeous black smokey eyes.
    Thanks dear

  3. I like this look! I wish I could pull it off - I am too fair. I like the bright pop pf color on the inside of the lid - I wish I could have you do my eyes!

    1. And who said you can't? Its all in the technique and the particular shades of the colour.


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