13 Oct 2010

No posts

Hi guys,

im really sorry about the no posts for a while now. it is for various reasons,
1. i need to learn how to take pics and videos of myself that capture the true essence of the look and the colours too.
2. i need to learn how to love bold colours. fortunately for me, my office wont mind so i should start doing a lot of that
3. i need to learn to love doing makeup for myself. iv never really like doing makeup for myself. i only do the whole works on days i feel like or i need to (like in makeup school where we always had to do our makeup) and sundays (to church). most times im fine with my bare face or just light foundation powder, a line of colour (mostly brown) a liner (mostly black or brown) and a lip gloss or nude lipstick. u can imagine how that looks - plain and totally uninspiring.

so, mostly il be doing reviews and overviews for now (Flora D look out for these). iv got quite a couple of Nigerian products. the only one i dont have is BM Pro's. i dont have anything from her and i need to rectify that very soon.

until then, Ciao!

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