5 Oct 2010

My other passions

Hi guys,

i am so excited and im sure you will be wondering why.

well, im going back to all my other hobbies and incorporating them into my business. these are Knitting, crochet and denim bags.

i will uploading some pics of these very soon (the old ones though) the new ones will be launched with pomp and pageantry u can be sure. i have table cloths, mufflers, and numerous denim bags i sewed while in university. and to think that amidst all these, i also danced in fellowship, was in pen circle (a writers club) and ........ im sure there is something else im forgetting.

never mind. for now, the focus is going to be on makeup, knitting, crochet and denim bags. i know you are simply going to love the new designs and i cant wait to be able to show them to you.

so watch out cos more to come sooner than you think.

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