7 Oct 2010

FOTD - 7 Oct 2010

Hi guys,
im back today with my FOTD. im so excited cos i just got my second, well first, no second (dont mind me) haul. the first was the Lise 88 palette and the other products i bought on Independence Day.

This haul however was gotten from my friend who has been in the states for over a year now and it comprises Italian badger brushes from Crown Brushes, A-design brushes, UDPP and Smashbox photo finish foundation primer (im so happy about those. im sure most of u will be wonderin how come iv never used UDPP before. i use MaryKay eye primer which is simply wonderful too. i have to do a review on it very soon.UDPP will mostly be used for my clients).

So for my FOTD today, i used the smashbox photofinish foundation primer (im sorry for using them before showing you pics. i will still upload pics of them though), my MaryKay foundation with the A-Design foundation brush, my loose powder with the A-Design powder brush. i did my brows using a (i cant quite remember but i think it was a MUFE pencil and a clear mascara which i also used for my lashes (i love the mascara. i think im going to have to steal it from my friend ). on my lids, i started with UDPP, and then used Yaby shadows with 2 of the Italian Badger eye shadow brushes. for my cheeks, i used a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick and for my lips i used a NYX lipgloss.

i will upload the videos and pics of today's look in a subsequent post. i will be right back.