20 Sep 2010

For the Love of Makeup

i know some of you will be wondering what the meaning of this post title means but by the time im true you will just have to agree with me that it is befitting of the contents.

i have a wedding this weekend (not to attend but to make money from) and the bride insisted on a trial before the main day and i had to oblige (after all in the office we say "the Client is always right" how much more a personal Client?)

well, i had a shoot on saturday (that will be story for another day cos we had to enter canoes to the location) and so couldnt make it for the trial. we re-scheduled for sunday. i had to go to church and wasnt back in time for the meeting my client had at the church where she would have the wedding and so i had to hang around for her to be thru and t
hen go meet her.

will you believe that due to the many surprises Lagos traffic has in store for motorists, she didnt get home until 8pm after which i went to her house and we did the trial. i didnt get home until a few minutes to 11. i washed my brushes, arranged ny box (cos i know i wont have time again before the wedding (traditional is on thursday and the white wedding on saturday).

here are the pics tell me what you think:

Remember, it was just a trial done by the light from a bulb and in the middle of the night. personally, i dont think it was too bad. (and to think i didnt even tell the whole story)

have to go now. iv got work to do, its a bright Monday morning.

i will definitely be talking about the shoot sometime very soon, as soon as the campaign for the shoot breaks, il upload the videos and tell all.